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The smiling Goldee has her own agenda. She does love the camera lens–a plus for Grandma Terri Jacobson and her photography. But her own thoughts, ways, and mannerisms are unique.

Goldee attends the playdates and does her thing–exploring the property and all it holds. While the other attending Weims romp and interact she is happily entertaining herself. Her grandma (the Northwest Pet Photographer of choice) captures the essence of the moment. We are all blessed again and again. Thank you, Miss Goldee for loving the camera. We are all blessed!











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  1. I love this smile… and I wish Easy had some Goldee skills to pose with Santa without eating him :O)

  2. Goldee captured my heart when I first saw her sweet face on the Blog. Then by chance, I met her mom Holly at a running store. Holly met Maizie and there began our Owyheestar connection! Goldee is sweet, aloof, and definitely fleets with her own agenda! On the two times I have been in her company, I just wish she would be still for a moment to let me pet her or cuddle her–but, she is busy–being Goldee.🐾😍

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