Raider’s Family


Vacancy Filled-2

I call this Vacancy Filled

We were probably the worst trainers of anyone out there but I, could not imagine my life without our beloved Raider girl! That is why you pick the “right” pup for us. You could not of picked a better dog for our son either. Raider loves people and everyone who comes over gets that “special”, annoying , embarrassing spot sniff! (maybe that is why people don’t come over often). 󾌯


She often pretends she doesn’t hear us when we tell her to quit barking at the dogs going by and she howls in the car like no other. The worst thing ever by the way. Yet, once again WE LOVE HER TO THE MOON AND BACK thirty times over. That is what makes her a Weim. The most loving, pleaser, cuddle buddy in the world. Velcro, concrete, you bet, but nothing beats it. Yes she is sad and cries when we leave but she greats us like we have not been home in forever. That is love. Thank you, Shela Nielsen, for your heart of gold when it comes to these fur babies!❤. Makes me so sad when people don’t have that connection with their pet.


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  1. Raider is a lucky girl–and so is her family! We can relate to all those feelings of Weim love! 🐾💕

  2. I know that “special”, annoying , embarrassing spot sniff! :o) it’s so great to read about Raider and her family!!! btw: has Raider a white fur-spot on her paw? Easy has the same white fur-spot and I saw some weims with a white spot on their chest, is that a “heritage” they got from their hound-ancestors?

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