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~ This photo expresses our Monday readiness

Flieger's Henry8

Above Henry on the way home. Below—Not so long ago at OwyheeStar— the pups awaiting their turn to fetch with Deven.



We will have a few words nonetheless. We had the puppy exit for the Mousse X Stackhouse litter. Even if you were not among those3_Mousse X Stack Playtime7 awaiting their release and arrival, you might imagine the intensity. The families have been on the Waiting List for some time–in many cases several months. Regardless, the pups have all left as of this morning. The next step has begun. What they become is largely due to your relationship and your grasp of this breed–how they think and react.


We remind everyone it is a journey. There are always the big plans; some will be realized, and others will go by the wayside. Keep in mind this is a journey as we mentioned. That means it is not going to happen overnight, and the best way to proceed is one step at a time. If you run ahead, your feet will get tangled, and someone will end up on the ground.

Remember too; the most natural things are often those that end up creating an issue. We try to think about everything the way we would feel about it, and that can get us in trouble. Right now, keep it simple and celebrate each little achievement.  Let things unfold and figure out how to proceed. You are just beginning–freedom (for the puppy) is earned.

Keep your eye on them until you know they can be trusted to go outside to potty. If you cannot supervise without fail, then rely on the crate. I often do this with a door open and the kennel parked next to my workstation. They don’t mind sleeping in there, and when they wake up, I run them outside. If you follow through without fail, you will master the housebreaking in short order. The crate can be a challenge. It can be achieved easier if you do not feel sorry about the ruckus or pitched fit. Also, remember that the trip home where they were getting held. This bonding and precious travel time set the standard. Naturally, they prefer your arms instead of the crate. Remember, our well-meaning intentions (as well as our initial excitement) makes it easy to fall into this pattern.

Stay positive, follow through, and supervise without fail. You can do this!


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  1. I wish all the best to all of Mousse’s and Stackhouse’s pups :o) …and I bet for a lot of people a wish came true as they spend the first night with their pup :O)

  2. Nice, lovely memories of bringing Maizie home four years ago.❤️

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