Don’t Be Pulled Down the Street

Getting Compliance on the Lead

       ~ or achieving a loose leash heel

Good Collar.jpgWe have discussed this on many occasions because it is vital to the foundation of success. All too many Weim folks cite compliance as best off-leash. Your Weimaraner likes to be in control of what they are doing. The Weimaraner loves to run free–we love to see them too! We suggest this is something that is an earned privilege.

Jan Magnuson about the Magic Collar!

I would recommend forgoing the harness, it will likely just teach your pup bad habits that you will have to deal with later at an accelerated pace.  I use a nylon martingale collar on my dogs 24/7 where I keep their pet license tag, that is what I put on puppies at 8 weeks of age.  For training, we use the Good Dog collar (photo enclosed), it is a humane and effective check collar that emulates a “mama dog correction” and works amazingly well (some of my dog obedience students dub it the “magic collar”!)

Jan Magnuson @ SunStar All Breed Dog Training

Breeder’s Comment

This collar needs to be used correctly in order to achieve success. As with any training collar, it is a tool and it is meant to be used to achieve a desirable outcome. It can be used when you are out and about. We do not see this as something they wear continuously–just for clarification.



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  1. we sadly walked the road to perdition with using a harness first :o( I wonder now, why we started with a thing farmers use for horses or cattle to PULL a wagon or a machine :o) But we still work on that front with a collar… and it goes a little bit better… and we found a good chiropractor for Marks shoulder :o)

  2. We feel silly to keep bringing up this topic; however, it is a huge issue. Mastering this early on and maintaining this respectful walk is so important. Too bad about Mark’s shoulder. Hindsight is always better than foresight.

  3. the bone-guy is familiar now with “weim-shoulders” and he can fix it very good :o)

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