Three Day Weekend

Hoping Yours is Safe

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Hagerty's ShinyYou should always travel or go camping prepared. Shiny is manning the desk at her Mom’s  Veterinary Practice in the mountains of Colorado. They are prepared should you be visiting their area to take care of your Weimaraner’s mishap; however, we are all hoping nothing like this will be necessary. Whether you are at home having a BBQ or out and about there are a lot of distractions and temptations.

Be Prepared

  • Take a First Aide Kit
  • Bring along your pet’s information — include the microchip number.
  • Know the nearest emergency Veterinary Office location
  • If you are going to a remote location, ask your Vet how to use Aspirin, Benadryl, and something like a Gas-X type product. The latter is for an emergency bloat situation. It won’t cure the issue, but it could buy you some time.

Here are a couple of Items you might find useful:

One time many years ago, we were in a remote location. We had to boat out and drive a considerable distance. Deli got her neck slice on a barbed wire fence. It was pretty ugly, and we didn’t know what to do. We had limited supplies, but we happened to have sore throat spray, a sewing needle, and dental floss. We used this to sew her up, and it worked. It was quite challenging, but we had little choice. These days we carry a stapler; however, in a pinch, you might find you need to be creative.





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  1. I bet Shiny is a super helper… and I’m sure all patients like the ztreat therapy he will use :O) I always remember the sos-surgery, if I have to deal with ouchies and the bloody moments when I have to be strong… it really helps to get my courage back and I’m able to act instead to sit crying on the floor …

  2. Thanks for the tips! We have several camping trips planned this summer. We’ll print this and keep it with our camping packing list!

  3. I used to have an exhaustive list but this simple list cites the most important thing I believe.

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