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Our Mo — What a Boy!

Quick update on Mo and Cindy (AKA Cindee) before getting to the crazy part.  Mo is, by far, the most personality-filled Weim we’ve ever had.  He’s a complete goofball but is doing well with training. He is already crate trained; however, these days he sometimes needs a bit of extra motivation to kennel up at night or during meal times.

He’s getting the loose lead back down again as he decided to completely forget that the lead means that I decide where we go, not him.  But he’s relearning quickly.  He loves the farm and the freedom he has there at night.  He’s in the new 40′ by 20′ kennel my brother and I put up during most of the day down there as when I’m there, I’m usually working with pesticides and other things I’d much rather he not get in to.  But at night and on weekends, he gets to run as much as he wants and I’m teaching him the limits as far as how far away from me I prefer he stay (in anticipation of re-starting our yearly family camping trips).


Cindee (AKA Cindy)

Cindy is also doing very well.  I think she’s enjoying just being Kim’s dog.  In truth, she’s spoiled rotten.  She loves cuddle time on the bed, loves her daily walks, and her ideal day is to chase a tennis ball in the back yard for about an hour in the morning, nap on the bed until noon-ish, go for a walk, and then nap on the bed for a while again.  Sometimes she even gets to stay out of the crate at night and sleep with us.  Overall, though, she is an absolute sweetheart and very mellow for a Weim.

Breeder’s Comment on Cindee — OwyheeStar places some of their retired females with select families. This allows them the best possible retirement and a second career. We are ever so thankful for this family and all they are doing for Ms. Cindee. She is the granddaughter of Deli who passed on at 15.5 years as some of you might remember.

Questioning Our Sanity

Now we get to the crazy part.  Kim has been talking about getting a 3rd Weim for the past few months, mainly as a playmate for Mo.  Cindy is awesome but she’s not much for playtime except first thing in the morning, whereas Mo can go all day and then some.  At this point, we think we’re fairly experienced Weim owners (or do they own us?  it’s hard to tell sometimes), but we’d appreciate any insight to adding a 3rd that you may have.  Specifically, are there any training areas that would need specific focus (apart from the normal stuff that is)?  I’m thinking that the capacity for mischief would more than double with 2 close in age, so I know we’d have to watch out for that.  But is there anything else?  Kim seems adamant about adding a 3rd Weim, which of course has to be an Owyhee Star Weim because we don’t think there are any better for what we look for in a dog.

Breeder’s Comment 

Not everyone can manage one Weimaraner; however, there are many two-Weim families. There are a few OwyheeStar three and four folks–more three Weim families than four. No matter what you think and how you plan this is uncharted territory. There are too many unknowns. All that we speak about for the new puppy in the household still applies; however, you have active Weims to help lead the right direction. Having them fine-tuned is important because what the pup sees is how this will unfold again. If the resident Weims respect you and want to please, things will go a lot better.
The breakdown of how your household works tends to make us believe this work well for you. Cindee has her job keeping Mama company. Mo is engaged with you and having a buddy is probably a plus. There are no guarantees, but if there is one bit of advice we would suggest, it is to check your experience and expertise at the door. Yes, these can serve you well, but all too often it is when we think we have something down pat that we get tripped up. This is a journey that you have to be pro-actively involved with as it unfolds. Of course, we could supply suggestions if you hit a hitch but if you do it as you have — staying calm and dealing with each situation in a relaxed and getting-back-on-track manner, we are confident you could make this work. In general, another altered male probably would be the best fit–a female who might try to take over and be the queen bee could pose the most serious challenge.

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  1. It’s great to see Mo and Cindy ( I sure remember her and Deli) :o) I like the idea to have more than one Weim, butt sadly I’m not strong enough for more than one :o) But I always enjoy the facebook photos of “multi-weim-people” :o)

  2. “check your experience and expertise at the door” – possibly the best advice on owning/raising a Weim ever. 🙂

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