It’s Bentley

Bentley is all puppy, all day!

He loves to be right in the mix of things, no matter what’s going on. In the picture with him sitting next to his water bowl, he just finished his meal and is begging for more. He knows his meal times and even now will still stand by his empty bowl, just looking at you like, ‘you’re making dinner, it’s dinner time, where’s my dinner too?’ Lol!

He absolutely loves the boys and they love him too! There was the usual dominance battle in the beginning but he has learned his place and now will play very well with them and (mostly) listen to what they say. Bentley has had excellent health, so a huge thank you for setting him up for wellness when he was a pup! We recently had to get a couple pesky puppy teeth removed that were just not budging and starting to cause some irritation. He sailed through that well. Bentley very much wants to meet and be friends with everyone he sees, always so excited to see new places and faces. In fact, going to see the vet, even if it’s just to pick up more flea/heartworm meds, seems to be his favorite place so far!

Boot's Bentley-13.jpgThe picture of him laying in the sun was taken yesterday, on his first birthday. He enjoys his sunny spots so much. We are very much enjoying having him in our family!

Bentley Beginnings


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  1. Happy belated first Birthday Bentley! You are a super cute pup, I love your smile… although they say Weimaraners are a non-smiling bread, ha! as if!

  2. We have a lot of smiler Weims. LOL Every Weim look is good.

  3. Bentley looks like a fun little lover boy–full of life and in love with life! 🐾💙🐾

  4. What great memories he is making for this family.

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