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Monday’s Happen

St. Denis Party Animals-2Did you party this weekend?

Well, this photo is from Cinco De Mayo. Anytime could call for a beverage; however, weekends can be a time to seriously chill. After a grueling week of demanding work and landmine filled projects, you deserve a break. Who better to join you that your two favorite fur family members?

Dangers Exist

Please keep in mind that alcohol can be dangerous for your pet. Alcohol poisoning is a risk, and the amount of alcohol required to send you flying to the emergency room is always in question. Click here to learn more about this topic.

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  1. Thanks for putting that valuable information out there Shela!

    • You are welcome. Open containers are so inviting and a lot of folks think there is little to no risk. We don’t want to take a risk for the most part. :O)

  2. Cheers!!! a well deserved beer is much better than any bubbling water :o)
    btw: the foxterrier of my parents grabbed a box with brandy chocolates once and we had a horror night with the emetics we got from the vet :o(

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