OwyheeStar Week Nineteen 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

Mousse Nursing in the Yard-2We have moved to the smaller farmhouse as you well know. There are not any puppy pens or fenced areas yet. We are using portable fencing which works fine. Today we plan to put up a smaller secure area. We will see how things unfold. Anyhow, you can see Mousse feeding her puppies on the lawn yesterday. The pups are getting so active, and they love being outside. 

Stackhouse-4955-2This litter is the traditional Gray Ghost Weimaraner type. The litter sire; however, was the well known (and celebrated) Stackhouse. He is a Gray Longhair Weimaraner. No, there are no Longhair pups in this litter. To get any Longhairs Mousse would need to carry the fluffy coat DNA marker which she does not.

I should report that the pups and their mother get our attention and everything else that is going on must surround the main event. Babies change the OwyheeStar dynamic.

This Week on the Blog

The week again I must thank our clients for an abundance of photos and word pictures that allow us to share with everyone. Yesterday, you might want to note that Molly was a pup from Mousse’s 2015 litter (sired by Blue). We had everything from a crumb cleaning moment of the best kind to the sacred kisses at Son Mountain Ranch. Finally, we cannot forget Skeeter Valentine’s dock diving event. Can we just say wow?

Anyhow here are the week’s posts if you wish you review or visit them today!

Sunday— May 1  — Clean up Duty (Sailing Sunny at work)

Monday — May 2  — Eke (Rubber Snake) — Enroll for the Snake Avoidance Clinic

Tuesday — May 3  — Tails vs Tales

Wednesday — May 4  — Dock Diving

Thursday  — May 5  — Sacred Kisses (at Son Mountain Ranch)

Friday  — May 6 — Happy Birthday (Molly’s 1st)

On a very personal note

Entry_2127.JPGThe actual move into the farmhouse occurred four weeks ago today. It seems like we have been here forever. That is because we feel at home. The other thing that has been with us for what seems forever is sorting household goods and stuff saved. Oh my gosh–there was at least 65 years of saving and living in this old farmhouse. There were things in the walls, behind the walls and on the walls. Somewhere I probably have Betty Boop style doodles that we found inside the wall–dated and signed.

These cartoon type sketches were penciled by Blaine May, the founder of May Trucking. We know several of the grandkids including a classmate of ours. We contacted them and extracted these boards from the bones of this old home so they could take them home. I am sure I had a photo or tried to capture one, but I do not know where these are located. Maybe they didn’t turn out–pencil on wood would be hard to capture.

We had a few visitors this week — Linda, Ellen, and Jeremy. That is if you don’t count a couple of people who stopped and didn’t come inside. We are still not open for client visits–there is just no way to accommodate folks with our current work schedule. This no visit situation is very upsetting to some. Nonetheless, we are overtaxing ourselves and at some point, you must do what it takes to make it through. We look forward to the day when we can open up for visits again. A few personal friends are a must. Not that we don’t consider a lot of our clients in the friend category. Oh my gosh–we have a lot of people in our circle. Each one is special to our heart in a unique way.

As Always

(Note–thank you to all of you who continue to send us updates. There is a lot to be learned from other Weimlovers; it puts a smile on our faces too!)

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing! DSC_0134edit

About OwyheeStar

We are Professional Weimaraner breeders--with forty years experience at raising puppies. For many years, we have focused exclusively on the Weimaraner! If you are considering the Weimaraner, or live with one, we welcome you to sign up to our blog. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining). To those who live with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner, we send special thanks. We appreciate the photos, the news, and your friendship. Thank you for being a part of the extended OwyheeStar family.

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  1. Hugs to Mousse, she looks like wonderful mom :o) purple collar reminds me a little of Easy, he was a small pup too, but always on top of everything :o) I hope all things will happen like planned and you can welcome visitors soon :o)

  2. Sooo precious 🙂

  3. I think I would like all of those puppies!😘 Jerry and Maizie…..probably not!

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