OwyheeStar Week Eighteen 2016

Greetings From Far Eastern OregonNorth_2269

Cliff_2266We hope this week has proven kind to you and your household. OwyheeStar is well and adjusting to the new living arrangement. Our morning is involved with the typical OwyheeStar process. There are always things to do; however, we have to snatch a moment to read the news and drink our coffee.

Watching crops grow is preferable to be caught in the political fray. Any muckraking ought to occur on the farmer’s field not in print –at least in my way of thinking. A lot of folks love to mud sling as a hobby. How sad that they find nothing else in which to be involved. I believe in free speech, but some of those who do the most talking are in it for the wrong reasons. Seriously, isn’t life too short to spend your time trolling and raining crap down on others? I am just wondering. At the same time, I am happy we are located in a rural location where people, for the most part, are more involved with the close to earth lifestyle. Farmers and Ranchers might not be your cup of tea, but they fed America when other countries were hungry. So, here you have some food for thought–whatever bone you have to pick with them (farmers and ranchers) we have something to eat. Our castoffs are better than a goodly portion of the world have available. 


This Week on the Blog

The week started with Birds tormenting Charlie Mae and Murphy. What a great capture Will made when he got the photo of the two Weims enthralled with the window view. There were a few other fun posts, and I wrapped the week up with a lengthy post talking about whether the Weimaraner is right for you. Yes, we know most of our readers have the Weim.

Anyhow here are the week’s posts if you wish you review or visit them today!

Sunday—April 24 — Got Birds (Charlie Mae and Murphy–Dad do you see those birds outside?)

Monday — April 25 — Sweet Gray Ghost Weimar (Miles meets his family)

Tuesday — April 26 — Portland Pet Expo (Chance Encounter)

Wednesday — April 27 — Only One (Fast Food for Winchester)

Thursday  — April 28 — Litter Socialization

Friday  — April 29 — OwyheeStar’s Succeeding with the Weimaraner.11 (Part Three–Is the Weimaraner Right for You?)

On a very personal note

The life-changing move has us embroiled in projects that seem to go on and on. We are living in the farmhouse; however, the kitchen is roughed in, and the master bath is awaiting work on every level.

We need to have the old place emptied entirely by May 1st; we probably need this weekend to finish the remaining inside the house items. I have a pile by the front door ready to come over, but I am hoping to put away what is there instead of filling the guest room again. There is not much–thank goodness! Regardless, it was not packed the way I like–it is mixed. Unpacking is a bit more time consuming. Ah well–best be at it don’t you agree? Bookcase_2129.JPG


As Always

(Note–thank you to all of you who continue to send us updates. There is a lot to be learned from other Weimlovers; it puts a smile on our faces too!)

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are immensely grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is greatly appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing! DSC_0134edit

About OwyheeStar

We are Professional Weimaraner breeders--with forty years experience at raising puppies. For many years, we have focused exclusively on the Weimaraner! If you are considering the Weimaraner, or live with one, we welcome you to sign up to our blog. We sincerely hope you will find the information, the stories, and varied posts insightful (as well as entertaining). To those who live with an OwyheeStar Weimaraner, we send special thanks. We appreciate the photos, the news, and your friendship. Thank you for being a part of the extended OwyheeStar family.

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  1. without the farmers and ranchers we would be lost… and even our dogs had a problem… we all want food and treats made in our own country and not imported from china or whateverland…. I hope everything workd as expected with the move and you can do as much as possible till may 1st… oh my.. that’s tomorrow… I had to look first but it’s really tomorrow…

  2. Well I don’t think they will be there tomorrow, but I am removing things today to see if I can get it all. I do not know.

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