Litter Socialization

Terri Wrote


No matter how much we begged her, Ozzie’s mom, Shela Nielsen, wouldn’t let him go at less that 8 weeks! Got him at almost 9 weeks! Boy, are we GLAD! He is an amazing dog with almost perfect manners. He is good with other dogs, people, other animals, and he is the biggest lover boy ever! He is super spoiled, but he deserves every minute of it. He also hunts like a rock star with about 5 minutes of training!!! I believe strongly that a puppy should stay with their litter and mama for at LEAST 8 weeks!

Ozzie is a Great Weim!

12376357_10207579564224676_4034897305655888896_nWhat is so important about the Time with the Littermates?

Initially, the pup does distinguish itself from the mother or the littermates. The warmth and oneness are essential for survival. While it is true an orphaned pup can survive and become a vital part of a family; it is never the ideal. Nothing replaces the mother’s milk or care. Without the cleaning and mother’s touch, many a pup would fail to thrive. There is no replacement. The mother no only cares for but passes along immunity through the first milk. Each pup needs their share of this colostrum-laced elixir.

The first sense to develop is touch, and shortly after that comes the ability to scent. The eyes open around 10–14 days. The eyesight is not perfected yet. About week three the ear canals open, but as with the eyes, at first, the hearing is not developed. A lot happens between week two and week five. The pups go from being mouse-sized to weighing in somewhere between 4 and 6 pounds. The mother’s milk is supplemented with gruel or appropriate puppy food. The go from pulling their body in stomach crawl to walking on all fours. It is an amazing process. Although they look like they


Littermates are behavioral instructors of the best kind. Learning from their peers in the litter cannot be substituted with human training.

  1. Teaches me not to bite; there are consequences when I bite my brother and sister.
  2. It is the first lesson in respect. Without respect, I cannot grow up to respect others.
  3. Bite inhibition and less aggressive behavior.
  4. Less inclination toward separation anxiety; we all know the Weimaraner is prone to this issue.

Handling Begins Early



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  1. It’s hard to count the days till we can bring this handfull of joy home, I know :o)

  2. So worth the wait!!!💕🐾

  3. LOL — then you meet the tough cookie me. LOL

  4. It is easy for a breeder to cave. LOl

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