Get Around

Maverick most certainly dances to 

    ~to the Beach Boys Lyrics12968030_1039529116095349_3838189898264272545_o

I get around
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

Round round get around
I get around
Get around round round I get around
Get around round round I get around
Wah wa ooo
Get around round round I get around
Oooo ooo ooo
Get around round round I get around
Ahh ooo ooo
Get around round round I get around
Ahh ooo ooo
Get around round round I get around
Ahh ooo ooo

House Call

Grandma Terri suffered a terrible loss. Who shows up to brighten the day and help heal her heart? You know who–Maverick!

We had a little visitor this morning to help pick us up a bit.

He did make me giggle a bit, especially when he met his Borzoi cousin Glory.

Playdate at Nancy’s

Haffey's Maverick-2205_oThen on Saturday, Maverick and ‘Sistah Goldee’ showed up at Nancy’s for the big Weimi gathering. From the beginning, he has brought joy, laughter, and challenges. He is much-loved. Before he arrived Grandma searched for a buggy that he all too soon outgrew. Wasn’t he an adorable baby though? Goldee has warmed to the idea of the little flash-in-camera competition; however, sometimes he is a bother. Haffey's Goldee & Maverick-3_oThank You, Terri Jacobson, for the fabulous photo captures; Holly your door frame photo is also extraordinary.







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  1. I hear ya Maverick, I was shocked too as I saw a pyreneean mountain dog next to me… think he was hungry…
    The picture with the buggy is tooooo sweet!!!!

  2. Big Dogs are found in Mav’s travels. His Mama and Granmama keep him safe.

  3. We love our celebrity Weims! ❤️🐾😘
    Maverick stopped on occasion to let me pet him at Nancy’s–although quite busy! Goldee seems to have her own agenda–seems almost aloof–I’m lucky if I get to touch her lovely fluffy coat as she flits by! 👸

  4. Are they not interesting? I think each one has their own agenda. I think Goldee probably is her own person–not needy.

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