Big Scare

Indiana is Home Again!

~Recently in the Portland area

My Indiana is back home today after having to stay the night in the vet hospital. We had taken apart an old compost bin in the yard, and Indi found himself a rotten, moldy potato to chew on. After a while he started vomiting and drooling heavy, his body was tremoring, and he was having a hard time standing. I know I broke a few traffic laws when I rushed him to the vet hospital, I was thankful they were able to get him in right away. It turns out he had ingested a toxic mold produced chemical from the mold or fungi. This type of thing causes “neurological and musculoskeletal signs” making for one sick puppy! They kept him overnight on an IV and treated with muscle relaxers to help with the tremors. Indiana responded well to his care. He will still have to take meds for a few days and take it easy but should be just fine. Thank you so much to my sister for helping us out and to all our friends and family for the well wishes!

Crazy For My Indiana

There are so many reasons why I’m so crazy about my Indiana! These photos depict a bit of our life together. Who can explain what this type of relationship means to a person other than someone who has walked the path? 

Indi loves drinking from the faucet, smiling, and he goes back to bed when I leave for work. Too bad I had to go to work; we could spend all day together.

Breeder Comment

We are thankful Rick was so swift at getting Indiana to critical care. Toxins can take our beloved from us in a blink of an eye. Folks, these kind of things are in our environment. There is probably no doubt that your yard holds some beautiful poison. For example, the beautiful Iris is off limits–click here to discover more dangers. Our kitchen counter probably holds toxins like raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, yeast dough, chocolate, etc. The snatch and abscond can happen so swiftly we can miss the theft. Even the sugar-free gum in the car or your handbag can be pilfered; it is toxic as well. Ingested items are not limited to edibles; as you see the compost, the trash, and even rocks are game. Let us not forget the neighborhood toad. The tadpoles and polliwogs–they are leaving a pond near you soon–as frogs and toads.

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  1. I’m glad Indiana is home and the vet could help her. Hugs to her and her dad. It’s probably worldwide “eat-poisonous-things” time, there are a lot of Weims who landed at the vet this days :o)

  2. I am so glad Indiana is okay! Poor baby! What a scare is right! Thank you so much Shela and Cliff for spelling out the toxins all around us. I had forgotten about some. Just today, Maizie was found with an old rotten carrot in her mouth–hiding in the soil from last summer’s garden– after Jerry rototilled the garden area. And, I had forgotten about frogs! We have a backyard pond. Lots of frogs out now–mating season and obnoxiously loud at night. From time to time, Maizie will see a frog and paw at it–intrigued when it jumps. She was getting kinda rough with one the other day and “went for it” with her mouth after stunning it! I scolded her, “Don’t hurt the little froggy!, She left it alone then. But now I realize it was the little froggy that could have hurt her!

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