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Stackhouse says, “I am innocent until proven otherwise, and then I was doing you a favor getting rid of stuff.” “That way we can get something new around here.” 

Weimar Mugshot~ As Told By OwyheeStar 

Opportunity and Motive set the stage for the red cabinet chewing incident. There is something about this red paint that is driving Stackhouse wild. Even today he tried to sneak into the bedroom. While there, he licked my bedside chest. He smacked his lips as he retreated upon command. Fortunately, I was standing right there when the licking occurred.


As the plot unfolded yesterday, Cliff brought the red Bedside chests inside after he finished the headboard installation. Cliff went to retrieve something else (can’t remember what), and upon return, he was shocked to hear the gnawing. Stackhouse got the skedaddle command or whatever Cliff said that meant that, and left the room. Honestly, I was pretty upset–breathing flames and snorting a few too! The threats sent Stack on the run even faster than when Cliff raised his voice–that is a huge exaggeration. Stackhouse doesn’t worry that much about anything, but it sounds good doesn’t it?
Had I have been on my toes I would have gotten a photo of the damaged chest; however, Cliff being a smart man grabbed it and ran out with it. About an hour later he returned with a new top –already painted. What a guy! I did capture the repaired red chest and some of what I swept up on the floor. So these chic red bedside chests have survived more than 24 hours. It remains to be seen if they last, but Mama wants them without teeth marks.

Tonight the dog tired humans had shared a new ball with Dusty first, and then Stackhouse got a Weim Crime Ballturn at it. They both loved it. The difference was it was in perfect shape when Dusty finished using it. I promised to keep it for him. That may be a problem. Stackhouse positioned himself to look like he was being perfect and chewing on the ball. Chewing is fine–biting it apart, not so much. So, we have one less ball. Cliff could not glue it back together. Dusty will not be pleased.

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  1. So funny! (Not for Cliff & Shela and the red chest though!) I was surprised! How old is Stackhouse? Perhaps a bit of anxiety due to his new surroundings?

    • Stackhouse is at least three years old — I don’t have my chart to look at yet, but he might be five or seven. This is how my brain is working. It is toast. I don’t think it was anxiety — it something with the red paint scent. He is nutso for it.

  2. oh noooo… stackhouse…. not the red chest…. my mom loved it so much…. please don’t make matches that way buddy :o) I’m glad your Cliff could fix the chest…:O)

  3. Ahh, so my Bella Blue takes after her daddy! She is a chewin’ machine! Earrings, sticks, balls, rocking chair, chests, coffee table, night stand, doesn’t matter. If it chews it’s yummy to her! She even chewed the gear shifter in the truck!

    But I still love my baby girl!


    Toni Phillips

    • Well, shoot Bella Blue! Yeah and once they start it is nearly impossible to stop them. Some nibble but Stackhouse has jaws of steel. Regardless, he is bird mouth soft. That is very excellent. Sorry about the chewing. We just try never to give the opportunity and yes, we realize how tough that is to achieve. Thanks for loving her and for sharing!

  4. WE had a potential chewer but dollar store mouth wash sprayed on things curtailed it. I dumped bottles into a 1 gallon sprayer and we sprayed consistently to items that were a potential target. However, with that being said we still have small weim crimes, for that we are grateful.

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