Voting For Lu

ME for President!Our Leaping Lu

I have the ideal qualities to be the next President:

  1. I speak my mind, frequently, eloquently and clearly

  2. I am stubborn and persistent

  3. The camera loves me

  4. I am an excellent lobbyist (see #2)

  5. I am a superior manipulator

  6. I have endless energy

  7. My name is easy to remember and can be printed on t-shirts and campaign signs in LARGE LETTERS

  8. I can sniff out my opponents (also called prey)

  9. I like to control every situation see #2)

  10. I LOVE to run – so I figured, why not run for President?  (unless…wait a minute, what’s that I smell over there?  Oh, now I’m BACK – and running!)



Additional Comments

I thought you might enjoy this piece I wrote about our now-5-year-old (can’t believe it!) Lu…..(True x Benton 2011) Pic attached – let me know if you have trouble opening it.


Hugs from Sharyl and Steve in Sisters

P.S. Shela– we are still enjoying the blogs so much – thanks for all your hard work (Cliff’s too!).

From Cliff and Shela

Lu is the perfect candidate on every level. Seriously, all others pale in comparison–she is a looker and knows how to have her way with you no matter your political persuasion. Feel free to repost. This would be fun to keep going.


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  1. I would vote for you, of course… can I be a member of your cabinet please? food minister would be a cool position :o)

  2. Cheryl Wertheimer

    He has my vote

    Sent from my iPhone Cheryl Wertheimer


  3. What a beautiful photo! A happy Weim! Don’t do it Lu–stay out of politics! 😆

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