Lucee and Levi

Back in Washington

Hello!! It’s been a few years since I have checked in with you guys and wanted to give an update.

We have traveled around a little bit with work and ended up in Northern California for a few years and got the pleasure of living on 52 acres. Which was such a blessing and both dogs loved it.

We are now back in Washington, Seattle area, but living on the peninsula. Bought a house that we are now all settled in and my wife (Sarah) and I are expecting our first child ( A Boy!!) any day now.

Lucee turns 8 this August and is still running and smiling and ready for the hunt as though she was 1 years of age. We did find a malignant tumor in her back upper right leg last year and had it removed. Should be getting the latest blood work back this week to see that it is all gone.

Levi is still Levi. He turned 5 in January and weighing in at 84 lbs. So fast, agile, and sporty looking with that amazing dark blue color. I cant take either of them anywhere with out them getting flattering comments and they always eat them up with smiles:)

Its surprising how different they are. Lucee is definitely the alpha and Levi her shadow. As she is very independent Levi is very dependent. As well as the biggest lover and snuggler. I would have to say that he is a bit accident prone which has cost him a few trips to the Vet for some stitches, I don’t think he feels pain. I have watched him on 2 different occasions wounded and still want to keep running and playing.

Over all as a family we are all doing well and very blessed. I couldn’t imagine my life without either of them. I am overcome with joy and happiness every time I come home to them everyday. Which they are both always at the door peering through the window.

I hope all is well with you two back home and all the dogs are doing great. Thank  you again and cant wait to hear back from you. Sorry it has been so long since the last correspondence. Time seems to be going faster as I get older.

Breeder Comments

We are happy to reconnect. Yes, life gets hectic and time flies all too quickly. We pray for good news. It is good you caught the issue sooner, rather than later. Each moment with these magnificent creatures is a gift. We know you agree.

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  1. Wonderful Weims! Gorgeous and fun!

  2. that was interesting to read…my mom loved the idea of girls being the alpha dog… me and my dad smiled LOL

  3. Not accident prone, exuberantly “all in” and living in the moment! Our now five year old blue weim has had a few stitches and other vet visits! He played hard as a youngster. I’d love to know where in Seattle are the best places to take the dogs for exercise as we do visit family there.

  4. No girls needed at your house

  5. Maybe someone will reply to you here. I don’t know. You could post this question on the OwyheeStar Page and maybe someone would reply.

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