February 21, 2016

Hi Shela & Cliff, it was very nice meeting you person last Saturday.  Just wanted to give you a quick update on Reznor. He is doing great! Crate & house training are moving right along. He is catching on very quick.  He also was very good at the vet for the 9-week shot last week. Everyone loved him & he gave everyone kisses & didn’t even flinch when the vet administered the shot & clipped his nails. He seems to like all people so far.
I am currently registering the microchip number w/AKC REUNITE & had a quick question.  One of the windows to fill out is if he’s neutered. While of course he is not yet neutered, he will be in a matter of months I’m assuming?  I guess I should just go ahead & put “no” just to get him/his microchip # registered?
That leads me to my next question. When do you recommend we get him neutered?
Sorry to bug you but I thought it important enough to ask & also just wanted to let you know how the little guy was doing. We couldn’t be happier! Thank you for finding us the new love of our lives:0) & any info would be great, thanks again-Anthony

February 26, 2016

Hi Shela, sorry it took so long to get the photos to you. I had jury duty this week, so it’s been hard to get just about anything else done other than spending quality time w/our little Reznor. He tried to eat a rock (a couple of times) he was nice about it & let me pry open his mouth without biting & pull it out of his throat:/
He’s had some feisty/bitey moments, but mostly he’s just been a sweetheart & we love him so much. Thanks again for getting us the perfect match!

Breeder’s Comments

We are happy for Reznor’s grand beginning. He looks healthy, happy, and like he is adjusting well. They still have all the normal puppy stuff; however, these folks are tackling it with the right approach.

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  1. Reznor one look in your eyes and all hearts (and the treat jar) are open :o) I’m glad the rock made it not to his tummy… it’s amazing that nearly all weimaraners rock the rock-adventure…

  2. Sweet boy he is and NO rocks for Reznor

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