Jan. 10, 2016

Porsche had an adventure today, a visit to Starbuck’s.  After a training session and 20 minutes of running with her Vizsla friend, she was a model service dog, lying down and being quiet while drinks were made.  She was awake and watching while quiet.

Feb. 7, 2016Photograph (4).jpg

Porsche has Houdini talents. She even figured out the latches that our
most precocious Weim did not.  We now have new latches with bolt snaps.
She is almost as big as the Vizsla; absolutely gorgeous, and acting just
like a Weimaraner.  They love their Sunday morning runs, and Porsche
knows when it is Sunday.  She must have built in calendar as well as a
We are working on vaccinations and planning for spaying.  We may have to
add Dog Flu to her regimen as we are going to Seattle to house sit for
my daughter in April.  My daughter’s dog daycare place sent out an alert
that Dog Flu is in that area.  We are also planning ahead for spaying.
It would help to know when her mother first came into heat.  We do not
want to do it too young, while getting it done before her first heat to
reduce her risk of mammary cancer.
~Best regards, JuneAnn & Barry

Feb. 11, 2016

Today is a sad day; Porsche no longer fits in my lap without hanging
over in all directions.  I guess we will have to snuggle on the bed or
floor. ~JuneAnn

Breeder Comments

First, thank you for the follow up on Porsche. What an adorable name for the beautiful Longhair Girl. That was fun to have this series of comments to use for the email too!
We cannot tell you exactly when the mother came into heat. We recommend spaying sometime between 8 and 14 months depending upon your situation. There are many variances. Some people do spay earlier–closer to the six-month birthday. Choices have to be made based on the individual Weimaraner as well as your lifestyle. No one wants to see an accidental mating; this can easily happen. We fully realize you folks are not going to make that mistake. Hormones are important. They play a big part in development. Growth plates supposedly close between twelve and fifteen months; therefore, you want to consider the effect on growth as well. Closer to the one-year birthday seems preferable. Regardless, there are folks who live in situations where that is not doable and around eight months would be a better decision. Most of our girls come into season the first time after seven months and sometime before they are a year and a half old.
Gate latches are something I have mentioned many times to different people. These guys can be very creative with their intelligence. Not only can they manipulate their humans, but they also can make the environment work to their favor. Think on that for a moment.
Finally, the Weimaraner pup grows too fast. You do want to use Large Breed Puppy Chow and keep the growth as slow as possible. That is also essential for development and preventing future joint problems. Nevertheless, there is no way to avoid the reality that all too soon they look adult-like. We know these fine folks understand all of this; however, some of you might find this information beneficial. Many thanks to June Ann for her extra work to make this blog possible. We could not be happier.

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  1. yes… that is a special moment when we notice that they are too big for our lap or the sherpa bag (oh that was the time, squirrels, cars, bikes no-dogs signs = no problem, but it was over so fast…sigh)

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