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Stackhouse-4955-2The Other Weimaraner

~Origins of the Longhair Weimaraner — part one

Aspects Relevant to Origin, Behavior and Species Protection
by Dr.Hans Schmidt- -noted Weimaraner Longhair Breeder.
Wrisse, Germany (click here to read the original post)

Close-up head study of Esta with pigeon in mouth.

The Weimaraner with its notable gray coat is considered the oldest purebred German fowl hunting dog. There have been purebred Weimaraners since 1878 according to Ernst Richnow of Aurich, Ost Friesland, Germany. He held the position of Secretary of the German Weimaraner Breeders Club, founded in 1897, from 1908 until 1935.

In Germany, mostly shorthaired (SH) dogs were used for hunting land fowl. Water fowl were hunted primarily with longhaired (LH) dogs. Members of the Delegate Commission, which was the forerunner of the Jagdgebrauchshundeverbandes- – JGHV (a hunting/working dog club), eagerly tried to copy the sleek aristocratic English hunting dogs. They did however dock the tails to create a distinguishing feature. 

The LH Weimaraners poorly matched this desired ideal. They did appear from time to time, as is evidenced in the old classified ads, but were not used for breeding. One reason for its rarity might have been the fact that the LH gene is recessive. Shorthair is the dominant trait. LH x LH always produces LH. Sometimes, LH puppies will appear from two SH parents, if both parents have some LH blood. The “mixed” blood is not always obvious in the SH Weimaraner.

Frequently, there is a tendency towards Stockhaarig (a shorter, coarser coat type). While breeding such genetically mixed dogs, there will be 25% SH, 50% genetically split and 25 % LH in the first generation. These LH specimens are pure LH once again. The Long- and Stockhaarig varieties must not be considered a novelty. The characteristics reflect their origin. Two early authorities in the breed’s history share their opinions concerning the longhair issue.


A puppy from Dr.Schmidt’s “N” litter.
  • Dr. Loewe: “In appearance these dogs exhibit strong muscular build with especially broad chest and very good ear set (regarded as very important at the time). Apart from the satiny, glossy, slightly lighter head, these somewhat lower and heavier dogs had thick, dense weatherproof coats.”

  • W. Schmiedeberg: “Occasionally I have come across longhaired, completely German looking dogs that were called ‘Weimaraner,’ however, nothing could be found as to their origins. I believe, that their name was derived from the geographical location or that they originated from Deutsch longhaired dogs crossed with Weimaraners.”

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  1. they look great while working and hunting… and I always think they belong to a castle or manor in front of the fireplace :o)

  2. They are amazing and why not? They are a Weimaraner. Still elegant and just a bit different. A lot of folks like them. :O)

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