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The concrete-thinking Weimaraner is not a fan of change. You name it. They don’t want you to change your schedule, move the furniture, or disrupt the norm. The time change is coming; hold on to your socks. They don’t do the time change either. Slowly, they can make the adjustment; however, for them, 4 PM doesn’t become 3 or 5 PM. Truth be told, we humans are mostly reluctant about the change too! Sunday, March 13th our clocks spring forward. This shift is easier for the Weimaraner because they don’t mind eating early.

Here is a tip. You might start the transition now. Move the dinner time up a bit and vary your schedule ever so slightly. It might help, but as we all know the first Weimaraner studied under a clockmaker.


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  1. I hear you… we had a howling pup for months who thought we forgot to feed him… and now the whole game vice versa… the one who had the idea with the time change had no dog … and definitely no weimaraner :o)

  2. Oh yes! The Spring clock change will be easier for sure. Fall’s change was not nice–the sad eyes, the pawing….😰.

  3. Maizie is flattered to be the model Weim for this piece. 😍

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