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Is the Blue Weimaraner Rare?

Blues 4 Web Photos-33There is probably no proclamation regarding the Blue Weimaraner that sets the Weim breeding community on edge more. Let’s discuss this a bit.

According to Dictionary.com

Rare –adjectiverarer, rarest.

1. coming or occurring far apart in time; unusual; uncommon:

a rare disease; His visits are rare occasions.

2. thinly distributed over an area; few and widely separated:

Lighthouses are rare on that part of the coast.
3. having the component parts not closely compacted together; not dense: rare gases; lightheaded from the rare mountain air.
4.unusually great: a rare display of courage.
5.unusually excellent; admirable; fine:She showed rare tact in inviting them.

Last time we spoke (in part two) about the Blue Weimaraner we mentioned that until recently an encounter with one was a rare occurrence. Honestly, it is shocking how many people have not had a firsthand encounter with a gray or silver gray. You usually do not see them available for sale in the parking lot or on the corner. The quality breeder-protected Weimaraners have remained harder to acquire because those who raise them tend to limit who gets breeding rights.

When it comes to hearing someone say the blue coat is very rare, we find the need to enlightens them otherwise. The simple truth is a breeder who has a Blue Weim can raise a litter containing blue pups. It only takes one blue parent to have blue pups in the litter. Nevertheless, it is indeed true there are not all that many Weimaraners. Their popularity seems to be on the rise. Of course, we are fanciers and without a doubt biased.

Mating Two Blue Weimaraners doesn’t mean the litter will be all blue either. We are not going to discuss the complexities of genetics. Let it suffice to say that to get a blue pup it takes a blue parent; however, if both parents are any combination of gray or silver gray there can be no blues within the litter.

The AKC and the Blue Weimaraner


Any AKC registered Weimaraner mated to another purebred AKC registered Weimaraner, regardless of color, is considered purebred and AKC registerable. The Weimaraner Club of America voted to disqualify the blue coat color in 1971, but they may participate in any AKC event. A Blue Weimaraner would be disqualified by the judge in the conformation ring at a bench show; however, since performance events do not evaluate conformation and disqualifying faults, Blues may compete in obedience, agility, field trials, hunt tests, tracking, etc. They are also welcome to participate in testing with the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA), North American Dog Agility Council, Inc. (NADAC) and the International All Breed Canine Association of America (IABCA). They are not allowed to participate in WCA Ratings Tests unless they are altered.

A Few More Thoughts

It has been many generations since the appearance of the blue coats. Regardless of staunch naysayers who don’t fancy the blue, the issue is a moot one. The Blue Weimaraner is a Weimaraner through and through–the same looks, high-energy, and temperament. They have suffered due to the blue coat being a disqualifying fault. Nevertheless, they continue to grow in popularity. As with any Weimaraner, the most important thing is getting a well-bred pup.



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