Adding the New Baby to the MixDetente_3297

We have finally achieved detente in the last few weeks between Rudi and Olli!  It would have been unheard of them to be within a few feet of each other without Rudi either growling or just getting up and leaving.  After all, he has been an only child for 12-1/2 years so was hoping, I’m sure, that Olli was just a pesky visitor!


Engaging and Complex Personality


Olli has really matured in the last month, too, and has such an engaging and complex personality.  He is a complete snuggler but is also Mr. Mischievous!  We get a kick out of watching him fetch the ball in the snow.  He is bouncy like Tigger and full of energy!

Puppy Olli

On the training side, he spent a month at obedience school, and he knows when he is working and needs to pay attention. He still gets distracted as a puppy does, but he heels extremely well and returns when called. So, all is just fine as long as he gets his exercise every day!!

Breeder’s Comments

Becoming a two or three Weim Family

Incorporating the new family member is something that requires patience. Some folks get so uptight when the new family member is not accepted they are distraught. On more than one occasion, people let the objection spiral out of control. Either the resident dog or the new addition becoming aggressive to the other. Honestly, this should never be allowed to happen. Who is in control of your household? Don’t let it ever happen. Be kind, be patient; however, you must win the respect of all in the household. Otherwise, it is a free for all atmosphere that can end in more than growling.

Rudi and Olli

Meeting on neutral ground is ideal. We don’t know what happened upon Olli’s arrival. Sometimes folks just show up after being gone with the pup. They are all excited. The unexpected interloper’s arrival might send the wrong message to the long time resident. We do not believe for a moment that this family allowed Rudi to feel displaced. Hurrah for Rudi. Clearly, they did not let Rudi dominate the pup. We don’t think that was in Rudi’s nature anyhow, but it can happen.

Celebrating the new arrival is expected; however, never for a moment should the resident get the feeling they are being upstaged. The new pup requires an immense amount of attention and work. Somehow a person must manage to give the resident of many years the respect they are due. In the end, it will all sort itself out if you stay the course.  There are allowable perimeters. Don’t force the issue. Don’t get frustrated, angry, or despair. This less than cohesive atmosphere will resolve itself –if you relax and allow the small differences. And as we mentioned, you must require both to be respectful to you and while not best friends, grumbly tolerant of each other. Rudi and Olli make for the perfect example.

It took some time. It required training and follow through. Building a right relationship and setting the right household atmosphere are essential factors in their success. Exercise, training and a bit of knack made for a solid foundation. Olli arrived home in late August 2015. It has taken six months to get the so-called detente. Isn’t is just sweet?










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  1. I would fear this moment, so I better stay as a one-weim-circus … but if then I would probably ask the breeder to be on my side the first time they meet each other…and the first night… and the first weeks LOL

  2. Reminds me of our dearly departed former Weimaraner Keeley–when our son brought home a Doberman puppy. Keeley would never have anything to do with sweet Dio….till they day they died. 😢 Olli and Rudy are fortunate to have found common ground!

  3. I think you are the One-Circle Weim type for now; Easy has taken over and you are doing well. :O)

  4. OMG — dreadfully sad that it waited for the departure

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