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Whit 4 Web-28The Weimar Tale for the week–Plus Cliff Comments. 

You know how they say everything tastes like chicken? I know you do. Well, I met a couple of chicks at the vet office this week. Sweet and hot just the way I like my chicken.

Speaking of eating, should I be eating puppy chow? Cliff says regular puppy chow is not a good choice for the Weimaraner puppy. Can you believe it? He also squashes the idea of those Twinkie-type Dog Foods that some pets eat. The kind we find mouth-watering.

Whit's Beginning-24Cliff on Dog Food

Dog food and puppy chow is a book-worthy topic according to Shela. Cliff and Shela have a lot of ideas. Oh yeah. According to Cliff regular dog food would be better than puppy chow. He also recommends that you give your Weimaraner a high-quality grain-free large breed puppy chow for the first year of their life. Some people continue this for two years.

  1. Large Breed Puppy Chow — because you want to grow us slow. It is better for your bones, joints, etc. Regular puppy chow is meant to cause rapid growth, and while that is fine for a pint-sized pup, it is not so good for the Weimaraner.
  2. Grain free food seems to cause fewer problems–fewer yeast issues, fewer allergies, and a reduced number of stomach problems.
  3. High quality–this is sometimes hard to define. Cliff likes the Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Chow. There are other choices; however, not every one of those expensive highly-touted puppy foods is going to get the promised result.

OwyheeStar prefers to stick with a basic food and add in the NuVet high-quality supplement. Remember that added supplements added to the food are not necessarily fresh and they may not be as high quality as you hoped. Not every bottle of supplements is quality. NuVet is human grade, and quality control is a priority.

Whit’s Take

~Dog food apparently is different than people food.

So, Cliff is with the boring facts. I am about the fun stuff. I like to throw my food around and see if someone comes to play with me. I am a picky eater–which means I don’t eat a meal. I snack throughout the day. This way I can contemplate the next action I take–like Mom’s tennis shoe for a snack. I like chicken dinner too!

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  1. That’s what easy’s breeder said too… she said the puppy stuff is too rich and the most leaves the pups anyway undigested (and that can be a reason for eating the own poop, can this be?) . we got royal canine adult from our breeder, tried to make it better with buying eggs-pensive food what easy scorned :o)

  2. Feeding them is tough. Fickle taste and like the twinkie-type not good for you food instead of the healthy stuff. Don’t know about the pooh–but undigested food in it would be a draw I think!

  3. Shela, this is a beautiful pup. My son’s name is “Whit” also. Perfect match. Is this pup from Sadie’s recent litter also? Chris Davis

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. No he is not from the current litter; he is the new mystery writer I hired. LOL

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