Baby Blue Longhair

We are all so excited about the new addition to our family. Goldee and Autzen came down to help with the announcement.
Now, if only we knew which one. Red, green stripe or sea foam?????? Yes, we are all tapping our toes in anticipation of which snuggle puppy boy will be coming our way.


Goldee 1
Goldee has grown to be a most stunning model. I do believe she craves the attention and the bright lights. Holly and Joe have come to be the most amazing dog parents. It’s true, I am very proud of them.
Goldee 4
Goldee has no idea what is ahead of her. She is so good with other dogs that I can’t help but think she will be wonderful with little puppy boy. She does have her teenage girl moments from time to time. But if the worse thing she ever does is exhibit a little teenage girl independence, she has excelled as a weimaraner.
Goldee 2
I’m not really sure how much Joe and Holly have explained to these two. Autzen was just one of those dogs, you know, she’s a lab and was a stellar puppy from the beginning and has grown up to be an amazing dog. In Holly’s eyes, Goldee is perfect in every way.
Goldee 3
Goldee has this amazing talent of doing whatever her momma asks her to do in front of the camera. Enquiring minds want to know, will puppy boy be equally as willing to please? Knowing the boys that we have had, I’m guessing puppy boy is going to go beyond all expectations in so many ways.
Goldee 5
So dear Shela and Cliff, we’re waiting with baited breath.
Is it Red, Green Stripe or Seafoam.
Patiently waiting with excitement,
Breeder’s Comment: Waiting is such a drudge. Soon, very soon, dear lady you will capturing your award winning photos of Maverick! Here is the link to Sunday’s Adventure.

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  1. that’s tooo cute…. and it is such a wonderful feeling to know that such great people live on our slice earth who welcome their pup this way… it’s touching somehow :o) I agree Goldee is like her name, a precious girl with a heart of gold :o)

  2. :O) Yes, she has attributes money doesn’t buy.

  3. I can’t wait too! I feel like an auntie!

  4. Just want you to know I enjoy your blog since I am a Weim fanatic. Love the pictures. I currently have 2 males. I have a 2yo silver shorthair and a 1yo silver longhair. I have had 2 go onto doggie heaven ( silver and a blue-both made it to 13) These 2 bring great joy to my life every day. Such a great breed!

    Sent from my iPhone


  5. Thank you Joni–we are delighted you like our blog. We share something special!

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