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The Traditional Gray Ghost

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The Weimaraner is a versatile hunting dog which means they are useful as a hunting companion regardless of the venue. They join their human game seeker as a pointer. The Weimaraner assists with search and retrieval of upland game birds, small fur critters as well as waterfowl.

The color of gray is more correctly a shade of taupe. The color of dirt in some cases aptly describes the breed; however, it is going to depend upon the Weimaraner and the composition of your dirt. Neither the Weimaraner or soil are consistently the same hue or depth.

Originating in (Weimar) Germany, this regal creature has its beginnings with the Royals. Their pursuit of the large game required a strong hunting instinct as well as a skilled gun dog.  It is unclear as to when or how the Gray Ghost descriptive term came into play. Nevertheless, the almost eery looking eye-tones, when paired with the gray coat tone, would evoke such feelings. While the Gray Ghost description is more commonplace you may well hear them also referred to as the Silver Ghost. If you Goggle the Weimaraner here is the description you will find.

 The Weimaraner (also known as the ‘Weimaraner Vorstehund’, ‘Weim’, ‘Silver Ghost’, or ‘Gray Ghost’) originated in Germany in the 1800’s. It was bred from Continental pointing breeds, Bloodhounds, and mastiffs in an intentional effort to produce a noble looking, all-purpose gun dog which could hunt prey of all sizes. The origins of the Weimaraner’s distinctive grey color are unknown, but it has been present for centuries. The Weimaraner is named for the Grand Duke of Weimer, whose court sponsored its breeding. Ownership of the Weimaraner was carefully restricted for decades; only members of the upper class German Weimaraner Club were allowed to own the breed. For this reason, most dogs were kept indoors and pampered, leading to a strong attachment to the family which continues to this day. A pair of Weimaraners was finally released to America in 1929, and the Weimaraner quickly became a popular hunter and show dog, achieving American Kennel Club recognition in 1943. Famous Weimaraners include Dwight D. Eisenhower’s dog Heidi, and Man Ray and Fay Ray, photographer William Wegman’s pets and photography subjects.

Coat color/ Characteristics:

The Weimaraner has a short, hard coat which is smooth to the touch. There is a long, silky haired variety with an undocked tail which is recognized by some standards, but not in North America. The Weimaraner is a distinctive gray color which can range from silver to mouse-colored (beige or tan toned). The skin is flesh-toned rather than white or black.



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  1. it’s amazing how different the coat looks with different light… and how invisible this guys can be in twilight. Sadly Easy lost the silver-gray color and turned more muddy-brown… nevertheless he is the bestest and most beautiful boy for me :o)

  2. Nice slide show!🐾❤️😃

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