Tantalizing Temptations

n_57Most of us have seen the photo of the Weimaraner with their tongue stuck to the flagpole. This rendition is available for sale online. For example, click here to purchase the cards. What doesn’t the Weimaraner lick or taste? That is an excellent question. Although they have a proclivity for the pot roast, the list of likes is long as well as varied.

Not everything the Weimaraner would taste or pass through their lips is going to be healthy let alone safe. The Weimar parent has to have a keen eye and stay vigilant. Yesterday we talked about counter surfing, and if you read the comment by Linda (Maize’s Mom), you saw proof positive that this is an ongoing issue. If you missed it, here it is verbatim.

I believed counter surfing was two years in the past. Last week Maizie quietly disappeared. I in turn, quietly snuck up on her to see what she was doing! NO! BAD DOG!!! Paws on counter by the toaster–licking toast crumbs! A good refresher lessen for us!

Dangerous Tongue Magnet

Zimmerman9879_nThe Weimar’s choice surfing area involves food. Cooking or eating (wherever it is happening at the moment) is means it is a prime target. Even the well-guarded food can become available in a blink of the eye. The opportunitic Weimaraner is cunning. They have a keen sense of smell and make use of it in other than the tradition field setting.

Their pathetic look may well net them the offered nibble if nothing else. Some Weim parents allow for the Weimaraner prewash cycle; others find this disgusting. Nonetheless, the paw-wrapped human often falls to what they used to consider taboo.

Not all people food is acceptable or safe for the Weimaraner. Most everyone understands this essential truth. Nevertheless, dangers do not end there. What will the Weim not lick given opportunity? Almost nothing. We usually associate poison to a bitter taste: however, you best put this assumption on the shelf. Dogs love the sweet-tasting antifreeze made with ethylene glycol. Not only does it taste like candy to them, but the smell is also intoxicatingly irresistible.  Moves have been made to make the antifreeze less desirable as well as safer. Nevertheless, who knows how many containers are stored in garages, etc. even where it is no longer sold?

Limiting the Risk

Seventeen states (Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wisconsin) had previously passed laws mandating the inclusion of a bittering agent in antifreeze. Thus far a Federal law has been elusive. The danger is still present to some degree wherever you live.

Even if you choose the so called pet safe variety (which still is not healthy by any means), traditional antifreeze may be used by your neighbors. Pet MD has an interesting read on this topic you might want to check out– Antifreeze Just Got Safer (But Not Safe)

Spillover in any parking area, bottles stored under a workbench or on the floor of the garage are risky. Even licking the container’s small amount of residue can pose a life-threating risk. Pets love the taste so once enticed what is to say they would not chew the contain in search of more? Here are six tips (from Dog’s Naturally) to prevent antifreeze poisoning.

6 Tips To Prevent Antifreeze Poisoning

  1. Buy antifreeze made with propylene glycol. Most antifreeze is made from ethylene glycol, but propylene glycol, while also harmful, is not as lethal.
  2. Keep both new and used antifreeze containers out of pets’ reach.
  3. Make sure there are no leaks and wipe any excess from the bottles.
  4. If you accidentally spill antifreeze or find it leaking from your car radiator, clean it up immediately and thoroughly.
  5. Keep an eye on wandering and curious pets … antifreeze is also used in a number of other household items such as paint, snow globes, solar water heaters and the bases of free-standing basketball hoops.
  6. If your pet has consumed antifreeze, rapid treatment is vital for survival. An antidote needs to be started within a few hours of ingestion, so take your dog to the vet or advanced specialty care clinic immediately.

Symptoms and Treatment

The symptoms of antifreeze ingestion can include staggering, loss of balance, excessive water consumption, depression, abdominal sensitivity and seizures … but by the time your dog shows these symptoms, it may be too late to treat him. So if you do observe these symptoms, rush your dog to the veterinarian, or, better still, an emergency or specialty critical care veterinary hospital, where they will be best able to treat antifreeze poisoning. Treatment involves an antidote, dialysis and potentially a kidney transplant and can cost $10,000 to $20,000.

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  1. One of my classmates did it once and licked on an iron banister… it was painful but he knew that the saying is true :o) We try to avoid the streets and the boardwalks with all the roadsalt and the sand they threw on on the iced places. it’s a challenge to walk over wet meadows and muddy areas, but better safe than sorry :o)

  2. I do a lot of baking, pastry making, chocolate truffles, and bread making. I wear an apron when I am doing these things. Maizie associates my apron with good and interesting scents! From the moment I put on my apron, she tries to lick the apron! Quite annoying! This is a constant power stance! NO LICKING!

    • I suppose the optimal outcome would be to reward her in a special way when she doesn’t put her tongue on the apron. At the same time, we both know how desperate she must feel with the scents filling her area.

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