Fireside and Cozy

Heat MagnetsIMG_3424

The photos of our Weims taking advantage of the warmth–fireplace cuddling, heat vent camping, and under cover Weims are a commonplace occurrence. Maize has moved her bed often called her figure-eight bed to take advantage of the crackling fire.

Like their human counterpart, they enjoy the warm spots inside the house. They still need exercise, and welcome the opportunity to cozy up in a favorite location whenever possible. Of course, there are always the warm clothing options–coats, jammies, etc.

Goldee says

Momma, I really love wearing your jammie short, do you think I look cute in it?!?! I know you love how I more than tolerate your silly antics. We won’t post them here for all to see Momma. 12307403_965405922148_5702300435977838212_o

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  1. a place on the fire is always great… maybe the fire really was the thingy what brought humans and dogs together?

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