Kissing Santa

A Girl Must Do What She Must

10259138_971897622858499_4710122485038049911_o“Let’s get this right Santa. The package has my name! You spell it G O L D E E –(double “e”) got it? Love you Santa. Yes, we cannot have any mistakes or misprints– the toys, cookies, and laundry are for me.” With a bun in the oven I cannot be sharing with Autzen you understand? Like they say, what is mine is mine. What is Autzen’s is also mine.

Breeder’s Comment

We want to say thank you to Terri and Santa for their work behind (and in front of ) the camera. Holly and Joe are more than great sports. We appreciate all the photos. Each one is amazing! Maybe we should say breathtaking.

Pet Photos with Terri is a must for those who live in Western Oregon. Check her out sometime!

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  1. that’s a super christmas photo… next year I will get such a cute one too… maybe :o)

  2. It was a very fun experience meeting famous Owyheestar Weims–and their families!

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