Deja Vu

Goes to Town

 ~ D & B Supply (Ontario, OR)

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“Deja Vu” born August 1st, 2015 to Ginger’s litter sired by “Blue”. Sunday she made her first trip into town with us since she was pup visiting the Veterinary.

She was amazing! No previous leash training had been done with her–our schedule has been crazy! She didn’t get into things–even those at her eye (nose level). She greeted everyone with joy and was appreciated by all.

In Action

Deja is compact. She is also a happy and tail-wagging girl.  Here she is in action!

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  1. You were the eye catcher in this store, that’s for sure :o) and you picked a super toy! is that the duck all weimaraners want?

  2. Deja didn’t like most of the toys we showed her. Cliff was not a lot of help. I would have liked him to show her the toy so I could capture it on film, but he is not John Wayne on film. Nonetheless, I like him better than Wayne for a life partner. She ONLY liked the fluffy duck thing. What fun.

  3. She reminds me a bit of your girl

  4. She reminds me and Steve of our beautiful Izzy makes me want another. We still have three Loved ones but both Blitz and Gretchen have old age issues but we keep them Comfortable they our 13+. I so enjoy my morning charge from OwyheeStar God bless Both you and Cliff Courtney and Rusty appreciate you as well. Merry Christmas and to a healthy New Year – Susan

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  5. Merry Christmas! Your Izzy most likely would be similar (Gracie X Zee). Ginger–Deja Vu’s mother shares ancestry with Izzy. Grandma Callie was mated to Zee and Ginger was one of the four pumpkin-eating group we saved. She is now a kind of therapy dog herself. This is an attempt to save what we have worked so hard to get. :O)

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