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~When You Cannot Find the Right Word

We believe in relationships. This relationship building skill requires more than a little effort as most of you know. Communication is pivotal is finding the blossoming of such connections. Trust, respect and openness to one degree or other is a requirement too! While the Weimaraner doesn’t speak our language, they do speak volumes. Sometimes we can be at a total loss for words. Recently, we came across a few that might help you describe your Weim’s doing or undoing with a bit of a flair.


  • Incomprehensibilities–In 1990, this was the longest word ” in constant use” as reported by Grammarly
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious–Mary Poppins made this (thirty-four-letter) word famous; it used when you have nothing to say. Today, it is found in some but not all dictionaries. 
  • Tsktsk–doesn’t contain a vowel. It is used to indicate your disapproval. 
  • Honorificabilitudinitatibus–with honorableness.
  • Unimaginatively–without imagination.
  • Sesquipedalianism–the tendency to use long words.

Luna Helping with Fire704496_oFor Example

The tsktsk Luna heard didn’t cover the incomprehensibilities of her actions. What Weim sticks her nose inside the fireplace and plans to help with building a morning fire? Luna’s participation left Nancy with a case of supercalifragilisticexpialidocious; nonetheless, she didn’t lose her balance and managed to capture the Kodac moment. Luna isn’t found to be unimaginatively inclined. If she were to put her pen to paper, she would most likely be described as prone to sesquipedalianism.

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  1. that is sure a tsktsk-moment, Luna :o) but mostly they make us speechless… with their ideas what no dog-behavior book ever described, with their way to handle special situations and with their way to show us their love… and yes, love hurts sometimes, probably Cher had a Weimaraner too :o)

  2. Is this Skye’s sister? Looks a lot like her.

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