What can I Say?

Kirby G.

What can I say? This big beautiful 85lb boy is the sweetest, most laid back, don’t care what you do with me (unless it’s cutting my nails), doesn’t bark unless someone comes to the door, no separation anxiety kind of boy.

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Of course, he started out getting into EVERYTHING and nonstop “mouthing” the boys. As he has matured, he quit getting into things and only grabs the boys when they are playing hard. He is such a perfect fit for our family. He loves going to the park and for a ride to the drive thru at Dutch Bros for a cookie. Everybody that sees him loves him and is amazed at how big he is. Kirby does not know how big he really is. In fact, I don’t even think he knows that he is not human. Until he hit about 40lbs, he had to be carried to bed and tucked in like a toddler 😆 and now at 85lbs, his favorite spot in the living room is on mommy’s lap, all curled up like a miniature doxie. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. He is perfect.

Breeder’s Comment

How could we not love the way Kirby G is celebrated and included in this family’s every day life? He doesn’t know he isn’t human. What Weim does? If ever you need a confidant or a hug, you can count on him to be forefront and ready. We don’t think he is taking a backseat anytime soon. Thanks for the great share!

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  1. yes… he is perfect… the perfect friend, the perfect lapdog the perfect soulmate – a Weimaraner :o)

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