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Nov 5, 2015
It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that my best buddy died today. The previous Saturday I carefully hunted with Schultz. It was hard, he got one bird, but hurt too much and mostly justed walked along with me.  Sunday was OK; however by Tuesday he was obviously sick.
The vet thought his kidneys were in trouble but offered no treatment. I took him to Cornell University, where they tried to restart his kidneys but were unable to do so. I can’t tell you how sad I am over this loss, but I know I must leave him go. And cherish the memories.
He provided more joy in my life that one could imagine, and I wanted to thank you for all you have done to help me remember this wonderful friend. I’ll write more when I feel better, right now it just hurts too bad.
Nov 19, 2015
Monday I received the remains of Schultz and the renewed pain of such a loss. Nonetheless, I have included a few nice pictures of our last good times together.
I am left to wonder whether I can ever come close to the experience he has given me? There are many memories as we spent our time together. I see him everywhere. I look at my cars sitting in the garage, knowing how he would love to go with me. Schultz loved one in particular. His favorite was my 68 Charger R/T. It is a loud beast of a car that he seemed to prefer. He was always in the front seat. His expression caused me to believe he would wonder what made it rumble so loudly. At the same time, I liked to watch as his ears would fly in the wind on our fast rides. Schultz would never lie down. Instead, he would peer through the windshield as though we were free from all trouble.
In our garage, we have a room used for escape from phones and pressure of business where Schultz’s now empty collar rests on a chair.  I can still smell his familiar odor on it. I ache for his companionship. Hunting season has been hell for me without him, but as my family and
friends have assured me that I have given him a grand life.
While I know, he now belongs to the category of my good memories it tough going on without him. My brother on a recent visit to work on our
smokehouse said, “this place is not the same without Schultz.”
I am left to wonder if I have it in me to make another commitment. It was an extraordinary thing this type of relationship–doing as I did for Schultz. He loved everything about me and I about him. We shared beds, meals, hobbies, work and play. Our time was our time, and I didn’t let much get in our way.
Shela, can I move on and hope another good one comes my way, or just cherish what I had? I really didn’t think this would hurt so bad I now know I loved him more than I knew.
                                               Best regards– Russell
Breeder’s Comment
Approximately one year ago–click here!
For those wondering and aching with this man suffering a deep loss, he had made a decision to move ahead. It was not easy, but once having something it is hard to go without such a friend. It will never replace Schultz, but the journey will take them to new places. Some of what they share will be the same or similar. Other things will be new and unique to this relationship. 
The biggest downside to having these relationships is they don’t last long enough. Even when they outlive the odds, it is far too short-lived. We ache with Russell and feel his loss. 

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  1. My family could have written your last paragraphs. Some dogs are extra special and some special dogs meet you at the time you need them most!

    Yes, Russell, you can love another dog. I have felt your pain and each time I must say good-bye to a dear buddy, I am devastated anew. The joy I feel and love that grows with my new weim both fills that hole in my heart, just a bit, and also reminds me each day of the love I shared with my old dog. It’s bitterweet, but eventually the bitterness wanes and the sweetness can dominate.

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