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I wanted to give you an update on Gobbo.

He is about 7 1/2 months old, and I am amazed at his progress. (Gobbo is a lean 78#.)

Saturday–I had him work quail and work with giving me the birds. Once he has them in his mouth, he likes to keep them. He made some great retrieves and a few points. My training collar works wonders on getting him to turn over the birds.

Yesterday–I had him out for more training on Live birds. We put out 6 Chukars.

Gobbo found 5 of the 6. Flushed 1 and pointed 4. Held point on command on three of the birds and moved in on command on all three.  I am amazed at his progress. He is working like a very experienced dog. The command to hold point has come natural for him as I have only worked a short time using that command.

He turned over every bird to me. Not with out a buzz on his collar but he was very good. I had him retrieving in the water until it turned cold.

Now I think he is ready for his testing ~ Tom (Monday, November 16, 2015)

Breeder’s Comment

We are happy to hear about the positive results. Time, energy, commitment and follow-through have a lot to do with Gobbo’s success. Live birds are an important component as well. 

Be consistent and keep this type of work up and you will have a top-notch versatile hunting companion. Once they get an idea, it becomes their own. The concrete-thinking Weimaraner, who loves the idea of the hunt, is going to be excited to join you on these adventures. The bottom line is it is all about your relationship–desire, respect as well as having hunt-potential play into the equation. Gobbo wants to please you, and he is excited to perform. Thank you for the excellent report. We truly appreciate it!

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  1. Goobo looks great, I love his long legs :o) that’s the phenomenon of the weimaraners, they NEVER have that “ugly-puppy-phase” like other breeds :o)

  2. Dear Kat (Easy’s Mama) we are so biased I think; I agree with you though. If they get gangly-looking it is so cute in our estimation.

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