Do Not Despise Small Beginnings

Skeeter Valentine_2146New Things Take Time

Hi and happy fall!

Just a quick note to let you know we have found an indoor pool with regulation dock diving dock and have taken Skeeter there twice in the last month. It is primarily a rehab clinic for dogs, but the owner also opens it up for recreational swims and dock diving practice.

The first time was a swim assessment and she passed with flying colors. The second visit was to work on getting her to jump off the dock. The first time or two it took a lot of coaxing but then the next time she jumped. After that, she began to hesitate again. The trainer said that was entirely expected. I know once she gets over that initial fear she’s going to fly!

I have included a video. ūüėģ Unfortunately, she required coaxing for the most part. She will gain confidence and become an excellent dock diver with time.

Skeeter’s Practive Dock Dive

We Lost Kava

Oh, by the way,¬†Skeeter lost her best friend about¬†six¬†weeks ago. Our Kava was put down due to a liver mass. At thirteen years, I couldn’t see putting her through anything just for me. She was suddenly VERY¬†ill. Therefore, the decision to let her go came without notice.

We were both so¬†sad to see her go.¬†Skeeter got sick after that for about a week. It was worrisome. She had severe¬†bloody¬†stress diarrhea. We had to put her on IV fluids and injectable meds due to vomiting. We couldn’t find any medical reason for her illness. Maybe just grief and that¬†stress. Poor girl. Obviously much better now!¬†

Thanks for Skeeter Valentine and you take care, Kaliece

Breeder’s Comment:¬†We are pleased that Skeeter is learning to dock dive. It is an excellent opportunity. She appears to be getting comfortable with the process. Soon, it will be second nature. Maybe the two of you will end up on television.¬†

We were very sad to learn of your loss of Kava. We know it is hard for everyone. Thank you, for taking care of Skeeter on every level. We hope the two of you find great joy together. 

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  1. It’s great that Skeeter has the chance to visit this rehab clinic for a swim :o) I’m sad too that she lost her friend Kava, it’s so sad to see that our pets feel the same when they lose a friend …

  2. Loss is hard. I am speaking to Mama about a return or retired OwyheeStar. Yes, Skeeter is fortunate to have this opportunity. Her mother is incredible!

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