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 Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

It is officially cold. For you shivering at fifty or sixty degrees we do not possess empathy. It was in the low twenties here this morning. The good news is it a bright day bringing the much-needed warmth of sunshine. We can happily forego fog and heavy dampness for the time being. Missing those two things is a welcome occurrence. In truth, what can we expect for the first week of November? I suppose some of us (like me) continue to hope for Indian Summer until Thanksgiving–this thwarted pipe dream is but a fleeting wish.

2_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-5Earlier I stepped outside and watched a few leaves topple to the ground. There are a lot of leaves remaining in the deciduous foliage. As much as I dislike the tree disrobing and the green foliage turning to a shade of brown, it is a necessity. The four seasons help us learn to appreciate each one for its diversity. Without winter, the mountains would not become snow packed. The snow will provide the much-need irrigation water. We are hoping for an abundance of snow in the mountains.

5_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-15Last night I posted some of the puppy photos on Facebook. We know how much you enjoy getting a puppy fix. Warming from the inside out (with puppy faces) seemed idea as we find ourselves chilled due to the freezing temperatures. Everyone enjoys the photos except for the pups. These are five-weeks-old pups, and they were not so amused with us expecting them to pose. Our goal is to try to get them to hold still long enough to capture a photo without assistance. The camera captures photos in rapid succession, so we are often successful; however, it is never all that simple. Normally we have anywhere from 600-1200 photos to process after a very short photo shoot.

3_Mesquite X Stackhouse WK 5-39

This Week on the Blog

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On a very personal note

The week brought more of the same. The farmhouse remodel appears to be endless. It will most certainly be longer than we hoped–we have far exceeded our deadline. Nonetheless, we are doing what we are able each day. Shela is packing–that which is not a must to have available. We have been virtually camping out for some time.

The post-cancer issues are manageable. It still takes physical therapy, special massages, etc. The most important thing is a positive attitude. Healing is a body, soul, and spirit thing. A negative attitude or allowing discouragement to wrap you in a feeling of hopelessness will lead to nothing good. We hang onto our positive outlook and believe we are in a good place in our personal lives. Yes, I suppose it is a kind of firestorm; however, we will come through not even smelling of smoke. We are not in this fire alone. It is all a comforting thought. We believe in a God that is bigger than anything that comes against us. We feel His love as well as yours. Thank you for your love and support. It means more than words can express.


As Always

(Note–thank you to all of you who made sure I had enough material to make some fascinating updates this week. I have exhausted the supply; however, several of you said you would send something along shortly. I have a few thoughts to work on as well. )

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. We are especially grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. There is no end in sight of our farmhouse remodel. We are doing it ourselves, and it is the installment plan–we are not borrowing to do this. We buy something and install it. Therefore, having the updates is even more appreciated than usual–it is always a blessing! DSC_0134edit

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  1. I so agree with you, a positive attitude is very important. I send a big hug and good thoughts your way and I hope everything goes well with the remodeling and you can enjoy a wonderful christmas in your new home.

  2. There is nothing sweeter than the face of a Weimaraner pup……thanks for sharing these photos, Chris Davis

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