Time Change Woes

Three Days of Perplexing Scheduling Issues

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Maizie can tell time.  

At 4:30 pm every day–like clockwork, Maizie very politely puts her paw on one of us–reminding us what time it is….her dinner time!   The time change since Sunday has thrown her through a loop!  At 3:30 now, here comes her polite paw–telling us that her tummy says it is 4:30!  When we tell her, “It’s not time,” she doesn’t understand.  We have tried to ride out that hour with a “cookie” until she settles in.  I hope this happens soon!   I can’t stand the sad look on her face!

~Linda and Jerry

Breeder’s Comment we have a similar problem. For years, I have told people these guys can tell time. It is uncanny how they know it is time for bed. If we happen to be watching a football game or some program that runs late, they are not amused. They keep giving us a prompt because surely we don’t know time is running over. It is like the pastor who preaches over the usual cutoff time. The congregation people are rocking in their seats. Their thoughts are wandering, and they secretly wonder if they can get a seat at their favorite lunch table. Humans are not the only clock watchers.
The time change is not amusing to the Weimaraner. At our home, this more about them rocking on their paws and ready to bound toward the door to potty and check in for bed. Oh, how I wish our children would have been so excited to get tucked in bed for the night. This scheduling thing (with the Weimaraner) is not exclusive to the dinner time or bed time. Coming home from work late can be a cause for great distress, and your delay may lead to the shredding of something. This time telling nature is not solely a homefront issue either. They also know the time in the car. We know of more than one family that has ended up being too long at an appointment, and the waiting Weimaraner has chewed the interior of the vehicle due to their anxiety. (They fear you have abandoned them and forgotten they are awaiting your arrival.) In one situation, the Weimar chewed the wiring harness to the tune of a $20,000 repair bill. Time is something to consider, and the routine loving Weimaraner doesn’t want you ever to forget they are clock watching too!

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  1. we have the same problem… one hour with Weim-songs because someone is starving. the only good thing is that we go to bed “one hour later” and therefore Easy skipped his evening ritual with the raw hide bone what Mark always had to hold for him while he chewed on that thingy. As much as confusing the time change even for humans can be, we don’t miss the part with the chewing bone… not one little bit :o)

  2. Bone chewing not missed is a plus. :O)

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