Luna Quirks

So Luna has some fun as well as some quirky things she does! When I leave home,  I give her a treat. She doesn’t eat her treat until I get home! I am not sure if she’s punishing me or if she is on a hunger strike!

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Luna is crazy good at figuring out how to get through and (or) around a fence. It is incredible how she knows where all the gates are located. Therefore, if she needs to get through a fence (to find me of course!), she systematically checks all the gates.
She has also learned that most good things start with the phrase “Do you …” “Do you want a treat? Do you want to play ball? Do you want to go out? Do you want to go?” Yesterday I was driving to town and was singing to a song called “What DO YOU mean” Luna stood up looked me right in the face “Yes I do!” I love this dog! ☺️
I have attached a few photos including her “do you” face

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  1. Oh I bet Luna is related with Easy… he learnt how to open doors before he learnt sit&stay, probably one of his ancestors was a cat burglar or one who ran a lockout service :o) he always waits till we are back before he eats his treat… and there was no mischief by now… I rather knock on wood 87 times now :o)

  2. Together Easy & Luna would rule the world! 😍

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