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 Greetings From Far Eastern Oregon

IMG_1023October is beautiful. It isn’t the lush spring green that we celebrate earlier in the calendar year. The remaining shades of green are tinted with brown or yellow. In a few cases, we get the more choice color. We love the red tones–found on the sumac for one. SumacOur tree’s leaves are slowly turning yellow and dropping to the ground. I will be sad to see them gone. The disrobing of the deciduous trees seems untimely. With winter coming, wouldn’t you think they should need more cover–not less? Nonetheless, it is part of the never-ending cycle.

Deciduous tree foliage is not the only thing departing for a season. The farmers are stripping the fields and stowing away the harvest. Some produce goes directly to the fresh market. Other crops (like onions) often go into storage. Our only crop is the hay. We don’t chop our hay and store it in a pit as silage–instead it is in large (about 1500 lb) 4 X 4 X 8′ bales– not the tiny horse hay type of yesteryear. Like nearly everyone, we store our bales in a stack. We counted 304 hay bales. Some have been picked up; we have about half that many remaining in the stack. You can see the stack in the middle of the photo across the hay field pictured below. DSC06531

This Week on the Blog

This week (again) had so many great posts. On Monday, we tried to support Mary’s effort to win the Miss Jet Set (because, after all she is connected to OwyheeStar). We saw (on Facebook) she got aced out at the last moment. Apparently another person in the competition surged forward with a huge voting contingent. Nonetheless, she is a winner in our book. Beyond Mary’s effort,  We learned a bit about the Rec Specs and had some great updates. They planned the extreme from Jorja’s outing to Willow’s next accomplishment.

Sunday— October 11— Cooper

Monday — October 12 — We are a Loyal Lot

Tuesday — October 13– Jan and Willow

Wednesday — October 14 — Rec Specs

Thursday  — October 15— Velcro Dog

Friday  — October 16— Jorja Pleads Her Case

On a very personal note

For me, it was another week of packing and sorting. Donations happened. Things were boxed waiting to see their fate. Who can say what will ultimately find its way back into use. We are trying to scale down. Anything we can do without is getting boxed and labeled. It is a cycle of sort, box, and move. Forty-five plus years in this (much larger) home meant we had plenty of space in to save whatever came our way. I don’t think we are packrats, but we don’t come close to being minimalists either. The latter appeals to me on so many levels. I suspect that before things are put away in the new-old farmhouse you will find me discarding and replacing more than a few items. Much of what I have has seen better days.

Cliff is fixing and remodeling as fast as it is humanly possible. We have put aside other activities as much as it is possible to stay on task. Eventually, it is going to be a much simpler lifestyle. That is perfect for us.

I will mention the battle with the lymphedema. It has not left the station. I am still dealing with it every day; however, the experts say they are amazed at the situation. Of course, they compare me to other clients who are almost identical in every way. They give me an A+ for what I am doing on my own to turn this situation around. I believe it is complex–body, soul, and spirit. It matters what you say to yourself and think. If you are defeated in your heart, then you have already lost the battle. I believe that the body can heal itself with the right stuff in and positive energy. It has to build new pathways to get rid of the lymph fluid. Isn’t it amazing what we take for granted? I never even thought about the body handling this sticky gel type fluid. By the way, it was described much like ketchup when it sets up and from there it can solidify–even cause blockages in your veins. I am very fortunate. I have the best possible professionals helping me achieve more than was thought possible in less time. I am beyond blessed!


As Always

(Note–this is the same as last week, but a special thanks to all you who read it and came through for us.) 

There is no way we could ever thank you enough for your love and support. That being said, we are especially grateful for those who continually provide us with the material for the blog. Unfortunately, sometimes this is only photos and no script. It is tough to write the script for photos. Other times it is only a note and no pictures. If we can quickly find some photos, this is not a huge problem. If there is any way possible, it is most helpful to get both–at least three sentences along with the photos. Being stretched thin on every side means we are in desperate to keep enough material available to create the daily blog with minimal effort. Sometimes having to write the whole blog (with all the OwyheeStar Weim interruptions) can mean working it more than two hours–so as you see what you send is so important.  Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–we need the updates. DSC_0134edit

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  1. I agree, october is a great month. Even when we have a lot of fog and rain, I love this time:o) all our paws and thumbs are crossed, that the lymphedema go-problem is solved soon and you can enjoy a good christmas time in your new home :o)

    • Ha ha ha — marijuana is legal in Oregon. I guess Christmas in that place might be some kind of residence, but I cannot see it possible that there is a kitchen or really a finished bath. We will have a flushing toilet, but OMG.

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