Jorja Pleads Her Case

Frisbee, please, before friends arrive.  

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We write to you on this beautiful Fall Day from Belgium!  The sun is out! Jorja is Jorja as in the true Weim fashion.  As always I thank Auntie Arleen (Arliss ‘ mom) Jorja is the best!  However, she made this all possible, and by that I am not leaving Cliff and Shela out of the equation.  Without my sister, I would not have made the connection, and getting Jorja to Belgium would have been much more difficult.

Pictures Sometimes Lie

Pretty pictures don’t always tell the truth. In fact, Jorja was on her best behavior along until the end of our visit.  We had dinner guests on the way, and I didn’t throw frisbee with her as long as was needed.  As guests were leaving Jorja ate the last eight pork chops off the table!  Her first time and “hopefully” the last time table surfing.  Then the next morning she rolled in stinky stuff.  Pay back.

Refresher Course Needed

We are now backing up and reviewing old rules for the household.  We had slacked off on making her follow the rules prior to the pork chop incident. Jorja has behaved well of late. We got slack in our requirements–lesson learned.

Needless to say, we still love her so much!

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  1. eight pork chops? wow that’s not bad… hope it caused no thunderstorm in your tummy Jorja :o)

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