Rex Specs

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Jaime sends word–I took Rogue to get an eye exam and he tried on some Rex Specs. I guess now I will have to get a motorcycle and sidecar!

Rex Specs

Eye protection for those who protect us

We ask a lot of our dogs; days on the trail, hours on the river, and peak upon peak – so we created a dog eye protection that can stand the test in durability and functionality. Tested in the mountains of Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Rex Specs are proven to stay on through the biggest adventures to the laziest afternoons.

Since founding Rex Specs, our goal has been to develop and provide a protective K9 eyewear that can stand up to the level of activity we enjoy with our dogs. One of the co-founding dogs was diagnosed with Pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratits) the other is a fair-skinned husky whose eyes experienced frequent and severe sunburns. It came down to a decision between leaving them at home when the sun was high or having them wear eye protection all the time.  Leaving them at home wasn’t an option, so we started making Rex Specs.


K9 Eye Protection for Chronic Eye Conditions and Environmental Hazards

Rex Specs K9 are protective goggles for dogs. They are designed to protect your dog’s eyes from sun and natural elements through all types of activities.

Working Dogs

Rex Specs K9 design is optimized for the working dog. The large spherical lens design allows for a full range of view, eliminating the potential for any distractions or obstruction during wear.  The soft foam edge fits snuggly on the face of the dog protecting them from dust and debris. The low profile fully adjustable strap easily integrates with other products and harnesses. The goggle fits securely throughout all activities while still allowing maximum freedom and full jaw motion.

Pannus (Chronic Superficial Keratitis)

Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus) is a common canine eye conditions. Though common in German Shepherds, this condition affects a variety of breeds. Pannus is prevalent throughout the Rocky Mountain West where the UV rays are stronger and more damaging.  Pannus is a corneal inflammation that can eventually leads to scarring and blindness. Rex Specs K9 are designed to assist in the treatment of pannus. Rex Specs’ polycarbonate lens blocks harmful UV rays.

For more information on Chronic Superficial Keratitis (Pannus) visit the following links:

OwyheeStar Comments

There are always the potential dangers faced on the trail. For this reason, these might be a wise investment. Beyond things that could cause scratches or abrasions, there is also the risk of developing cataracts. Protecting the eyes seems to be a wise decision. The Weimaraner should learn to wear the eye protection early on. If not, then they may well balk at the addition. Thank you Rex Specs for this excellent product that protects our fur companion’s eyes. 

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  1. Those are cool! Is this a littermate to Haze or from a different litter?

  2. Same parents, different litter. He looks to be smaller than Haze…..

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