A Toddler and the Weimar Pup

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When we got Luna, my grandson was ten months old. I was a little apprehensive to let them play because Luna was (is) a puppy. She plays a little rough and kisses with her teeth 🙂 she and Elijah have been besties since the day they met! Elijah makes sure she has enough to eat. Luna has never hurt him with her teeth. she’s so careful with him. They rest together, and they are constantly switching toys. In the picture Eli wanted the blue bone so he gave her the duck & took the bone …. Luna also wanted the bone, so she took it back, but still gentle enough to not cause a stir, I love their relationship 😍

Breeder’s Comment

There have been several folks who have had this same experience; however, there has been a call from a woman who stuck her face into her pup’s face, and she got bit. Did it mean anything? No–nonetheless, it is best to avoid those situations. Proceed with caution. Many times the Weimaraner pup will not trouble the baby whereas they young children get tagged. Their energy fuels a game, and it gets too rough. The pup visualized them as their littermates. They exchanged bites and knocked each other over too! We love this report. Thank you, Nancy!

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  1. great that Luna is such a fabulous and careful pup :o)

  2. I really appreciate Shela’s comments, Luna is very mouthy (both verbally (( with her “whoo whoo whoos”)) as well as needs to have something in her mouth!) so when older children are around running, laughing playing, being kids … I really have to watch her because she also wants to run, jump, play but her play includes biting at anything that is loose, hands, clothes, toys; she’s not trying to hurt anyone but i’ve never had such a “bitie” dog. She is learning to control herself, but when she’s really excited she can’t seem to help herself

  3. Exactly — and it is Weim puppy-biting at its best so to speak. They are the most awful to get raised because of this I suppose. Anyhow, the good news if you are able to get compliance from them, it will serve you. The pup that curbs their biting to please you is usually not a fear-biter. They are less likely to be an adult biter.

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