Bella Blue

Bell and Jack

The puppy is Bella Blue, Bella or Bell for short, and we couldn’t be happier with her. She’s settled into her new home with enthusiasm, which is how she deals with everything. Our two-year-old Weim Jack took a few days to adjust to her; however, within a week they were best buds.  Now they spend a large part of the day rolling back and forth in a pile in the living room. She’s accepted him as the dominant male but gives no quarter when it comes to playing time. I’m personally convinced that Bell’s the most intelligent pup we’ve yet raised, based on her age when she learns new things. For example–the dog door, potty training, etc.

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These photos were taken yesterday (August 30th). I included one with Jack for a size comparison. BTW, our Vet of many years gave her an A+ rating: perfect conformity, perfect health, and unusually intelligent. And everyone that meets her proclaims her the most beautiful puppy they’ve ever seen, including us.

Bella is an absolutely incredible addition to our life; we are definitely telling everyone we meet that’s interested in a Weim to contact you. Thanks for adding so much to our life.


Breeder’s Comment

Thank you, Kurt, for the glowing recommendation as well as the update. We are thrilled to hear that Bella Blue has settled in and is doing so well. As you well know by now, we work hard to get the pups ready for the future forever homes. We realize not everyone is going to have it as easy as you did; however, we believe our methods work. Thank you again, for being so great to work with as the process unfolded and for placing your trust in us to do the right thing for you. It is a heavy burden. We take it seriously. We look forward to Bella’s story as your journey unfolds.

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  1. Belly you are beautiful… I love your big paws and your wonderful puppy eyes :o)

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