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Vale Hot Shots –the guys are putting their lives on the line to save all we love!

Crater Lake11222232_906179692771165_2321509204655856280_n

The Entrance to Crater Lake

A September to remember. Not everything is something that is easy to understand. How did the Northwest go up in flames? We can only guess that everyone will be doing their share of finger-pointing. Who wants to own the blame? Nothing will bring back the lost lives, the burned forest, the ravaged rangeland, or personal possessions. We hope we learn a lesson from this tragedy.

The battle is still raging. Firefighters are in danger–including those pictured above. How much more can we afford to lose? Cliff and I say nothing, but the firestorm continues. We are nestled in the middle of farmland. The advantage of which is evident; a time when we are fortunate not to be living where our land borders the BLM holdings. There were a few sprinkles of rain on the deck this morning. We can hope more fell where it was needed the most.
We want to draw your attention to these three young men who lined up for a photo before taking off to fight one of the big ones. They are closely tied to our community. They are the best of the best! Brady DeYoung, Max Maeda, and Andrew Maeda of the Vale Hotshots–the last two are one of my classmate’s sons. We are hoping and praying for protection for those putting their lives on the line to make a difference in the midst of overwhelming odds. They will get the fires contained; however, we pray for their safety and soon return. We thank them for their service!

This Week on the Blog

Holly, Goldee, and Autzen

Holly, Goldee, and Autzen

Shiny A Blue Longhair

Shiny A Blue Longhair

We are once again thankful for the updates that make this possible! We are still a bit thin on the material we need to work with, but there was enough. We have a couple more things in the works. We are forever thankful for those that right those wordy notes with news of their pup. We use everything we possibly can. Thank You!

We needed a couple of positive photos to balance the fire news. I think you can agree! Thank you again, Terri Jacobson, for the great photos!

Sunday— August 30 — Beauty Rest Required

Monday — August 31 — Ellie

Tuesday — September 1 – Olli on the Big Bird

Wednesday — September 2— Are You Familiar?

Thursday  — September 3—Cookie Time

Friday  — September 4—Home in New Mexico

On a very personal note

It has been yet another busy week–no surprise at all. Cliff was at the NAVHDA Hunt Test with Emma. She opted not to point. Yes, the conditions were not perfect; however, her work was less than stellar. Cliff had hoped despite his lack of time to prepare her for the hunt test it would go better. Her search was top notch. So, he came home with that positive bit of news. Today, he is off on another bit of outside business. He, our son, and the two grandsons (Brad and Nick) are at the Oregon Hunter Safety Class in Baker City, Oregon. It will be a fun thing for the four of them! Granpa worked with the boys on three pretty long days to complete the online classes so they could earn their certificate. Today’s class covers the field portion of the exam. 

The remodel is making slow progress. Bits and pieces are getting completed–this happens between the must do items. The office storage closet is finished with the exception of the shelving. Cliff will get that in soon. Then I can put alway our supplies. They are boxed and in the way of another area we are working on at present–the whelping room. Deven is trying to finish the hardwood in the master bedroom. He probably won’t get it down today, but he will get a bit more laid. I am busy sorting through the less used supplies. They can go into the whelping storage that is in place once I get them organized.

The health issues are much the same. The arm is no worse. It may be a bit better. I still have to use caution. It is a tough thing to do. Overall, I feel better which is a huge plus. Thank you ever so much for your patience and understanding. Those of you who have had to wait for me to get back to you have been super great! Finally, I should mention that we were blessed with other photos beyond those Terri sent. Maddie blessed us with a couple of photos for our personal use. DSC_0134edit

As Always…

Thank you for your love and support. Keep the puppy updates coming–as I said above, I am running low on material. I need them for inspiration, and they brighten our day. Yes, and allow us to have something to share.

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  1. You are often in our thoughts when we hear about the fire in the news, we hope the firefighters can save as much lifes as possible and we also hope that no one of this heroes will die in this horrible flames. Hugs to you all, I hope the arm gets better and better every day a little bit. And I can’t wait to see your farm house with all the fabulous things, specially the whelping room :o)

  2. WOW-what a year FIRES FIRES EVERYWHERE! We just found out about one that was burning 4 miles from our new house YES we are moving!! It has been a crazy summer. Sorry for no updates on puppies. They are good just a little stressed with all the disruptions to the concrete mind-lol!

    • I am sure everyone is stressed. LOL and the Weims, well they truly don’t like change or parents who are stressed. NO problem –you guys take care.

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