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We Garnered Fans

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We are home and he us checking out the yard. He was soooooo good on the planes everyone  adored him!No, I still haven’t settled on a name for him.

We Are Off To A Good Start

We had a great night. Of course I didn’t put him in the crate or in the bag 🙂 he slept on the bed with a few toys and is a great snuggler! He woke a few times to play with his toys and explored sleeping in all spots of the bed. Out first thing this morning he peed and pooped and ate a full meal. Then he took himself out and peed again! So we went back to bed for a short snooze and explored the garden a bit more. Then I took him for a short walk – which was actually a walk/carry – he was great! After the initial ‘WTF’ he took everything in stride, encountering his first bicycle and his first stroller. Now he has voluntarily gone into his crate – which we are calling ‘the lair’  – with his stuffed toys and is snoozing.
As you can see on FB he already has a mass of admirers! Several people are dropping by today, and tomorrow I’ll take him to the office – my coworkers are dying to see him!
I’ll keep you posted on everything~Jill

Breeder’s Comment

Maybe it would suffice to say he is headed toward rockstar status.

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  1. Oh I that sounds like a great day in office with this pup as a co-worker :o)

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