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 Stihl is doing great!

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He’s incredibly smart, brave, and loving. We’re really impressed with how quickly he has settled in and is learning. He is already a great retriever and decided the couch is his.

We look forward to keeping you updated with pictures and details of his progress.

Breeder’s Comment

Cliff looks forward to watching Stihl’s field work. He is a good looking boy. He has an umbilical hernia. They are common in this breed. He will be getting it fixed– because his family lives locally, it is possible to wait to do the repair. Smaller umbilical hernias are sometimes called a delayed closure. Very often a small gap will close on its own. Regardless, this one will be fixed, and he will be no worse for having to endure it.

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  1. Stihl your stick photo is fabulous! I have that umbilical hernia too, but the vet said it’s very small and to fix it would cause more problems, because I’m a super impatient patient. Is there an explanation why that happens so often in Weimaraners?

    • No–the breed has a propensity toward this. The standard used to say they were allowable–I notice the American Standard doesn’t address that. There is no way to get rid of this, but in the scope of things it is small. Most are cosmetic; this one is larger and needs repaired. His Mama is a Vet Tech and she has her thoughts; they will work with our vet and we will pay to have it fixed. She just wants to wait for safety –you know they love this pup so much.

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