Emma Blue at Three

Birthday Bird Teasing Happens

11811410_10153449607877591_1127442022563290404_nPretty sure the birds know it’s Emma’s bday today and are teasing her extra…third bird already that has ran into our windows just this morning! And no…my windows are not extra clean lol 😂 Happy Birthday Furbaby 😘

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Can’t believe our Furbaby is 3 years old! She’s crazy, keeps us on our toes, is becoming a good big sister and… she thinks she can climb trees 😜

Breeder’s Note

Your windows are (absolutely) cleaner than ours, but then who is comparing? Happy Birthday, Emma Blue. We are thrilled to see your parents have things arranged perfectly for you. The sofa in front of the window lets you keep your watch on that side of the house. The baby swing near the French door allows you to keep an eye on the baby while you watch the birds. You look happy, healthy, and much loved. 

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  1. Happy Birthday Emma Blue… maybe there was a reality show in bird tv today specially for you?

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