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Here is the list of the top 5 dog food makers in North America as listed on Top Dog Food

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About 99% of the American (made in the USA) pet food(as well as treats come from one of these well-known manufacturing companies. Each brand spends a small fortune touting their food as the best. In truth, it is hard not to believe they care about the quality of their kibble because failure to meet health standards would cause their business to implode.

These factories usually contract to make other than their own label (or labels). The quality of ingredients, and percentages of protein, fat, etc. can vary a great deal. Many of the labels were one produced by a smaller manufacturer. With success, these small entities were bought up by one of the big five pet food producers. Made in the USA pet food doesn’t necessarily mean the ingredients were not imported. The additives; such as,–vitamins, supplements, and minerals are almost without exception manufactured in China. The following information has been copied verbatim from Top Dog Food. We think you may find it interesting.

1. Nestle Purina

By far the largest of the dog food manufacturers, Nestle purchased Purina in 2001. In order for the government to approve this purchase, Nestle had to sell off Meow Mix and Alley Cat brands. They are headquartered in St. Louis Missouri.

2. Masterfoods USA (Mars)

This company makes Pedigree, Whiskas, Cesar, Sheba, and Waltham brands.  The number one selling dog food brand in the world is Pedigree. Whiskas is the number one selling brand of cat food. Their headquarters are in Vernon, CA.

In 2002 Mars purchased Royal Canin Dog Food, and then in 2004 purchased IVD, Medi-Cal and Techni-Cal brands from Del Monte Foods.

3. Iams (Proctor and Gamble)

Founded in the 1940’s by Paul Iams, the company was purchased by Proctor and Gamble in 1999. Eukanuba is also sold under Iams.

4. Hills Pet Nutrition

Originally founded by Dr. Mark Morris, Colgate-Palmolive bought the company in 1976.  Hills dog food can be bought in over 86 countries, and its product line includes more than 50 prescription diets and 50 Science Diet brands.

5. Del Monte Pet Foods

Del Monte has bought or developed many dog food brands over the years. Including: Kibble’n Bits

Milk Bone
Meaty Bone
Gravy Train
Canine Carry Outs
Jerky Treats
Meow Mix
Nature’s Recipe

As you can see, these five companies supply Americans 95-99% of all a dog food manufactured in the United States. OwyheeStar doesn’t use food from one of the big five companies listed here. When you choose food, it is a good idea to know who manufactures the food. Store brand foods such as Costco can change suppliers without notice; they can change the ingredients. You must be vigilant in checking the manufacturer, and the ingredients to ensure nothing has changed.

The topic of pet food it encyclopedia worthy by nature. What to feed and how to feed is controversial This is the first is a series where we will address feeding the Weimaraner. Much of the information will be just that–so you are better informed. A lot of folks don’t think about where their dog food comes from even when they check the label for ingredients. 

Finally, we must tell you we are unable to answer questions regarding feeding your dog. Our clients have access to a client-only blog; however, for other than OwyheeStar folks we must direct you to your own breeder. Thank you for understanding our limitations.

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  1. It’s a challenge to find food what’s healthy and what they like too. We have still the phenomenon of the big bags. We first buy a small bag to see if he will like it and Easy is addicted… we buy the big bag and Easy says: no thanks :o( I will fill some food in the small bag tomorrow, maybe it works… otherwise he is a Weimaraner… and he will probably laugh at my cheap trick :o)

    • Getting food that works for the Weim is tough on every level. Of course, they love the food that is junk–they call it the Twinkie of dog food. ….just junk but has all the stuff to make them craze it. It is a bit like people food ya know….

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