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It’s Geoff and Fallon here with a couple of quick puppy update photos. It took me a while to get a good outside picture, but I attached a few. We got her set up for all the vet stuff, chip registered and have the AKC transfer in progress.

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The Weimaraner Clings

Molly is doing excellent, learning quickly (as we expected), and we never knew just how clingy these Weims were until we finally got one, hah! She is doing great with the crate and the kitty as well.


I have one quick question for you regarding her ears. I’ve seen a little bit of earwax: it was nothing more than the expected amount. Nevertheless, I was wondering what you and Cliff use for ear cleaning and how often you clean them?

Breeder’s Comment: There are many good products that you can use. We use Vetericyn quite often. If the Weim appears to have a wet ear we often use a powder to create a dryer atmosphere. The moist ear is best avoided. It makes for a perfect environment for bacterial and viral infections–not to mention yeast infections. We use a powder after the bath or swim to ensure the ear dries out.  Any good non-alcohol ear cleanser can be used. Ear maintenance is nothing to be overlooked. Some ear canals are smaller than other, and this can create an ongoing ear issue. When cleaning the ear, you can use a cosmetic pad (a round cotton pad) to clean the outer ear. A Q-tip can be used, but you should never dig deep, or push the wax into the inner ear.  A homemade mixture of 50% cider vinegar and 50% purified water can be used to instead of store bought the cleanser. This vinegar mixture can be useful if the problem is yeast based. There are some very good over the counter products. One you might consider other than Vetercicyn is Zymox.  

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  1. I’m so glad you told me about the vetericyn, within two days Easy’s ear looks like normal. it was red and we planned to see the vet the next day… but fortunately the infection was much much better the next morning and today it disappeared to nowhere :o)… and because Easy sometimes is not really easy we can use the vetericyn now for his damaged dew claw :o(

    • I think this stuff is so much better than folks understand. You can spend a fortune at the Vet office, when this is healthier (and certainly less expensive). The whole thing is it covers yeast, bacterial, and viral infections. Yes, it looks expensive. In the end, one bottle lasts a long time. Each time you don’t visit the vet office you can buy a large bottle…..and possibly more. ❤

      • the best thing is that there is no mess, I can’t count the things I ruined with idodine and I think vetericyn is the perfect solution for the ears, to remove the common sticky creams and ointments is not easy :o)

      • You are correct. Yes, I once ruined a leather sofa with a violet salve Cliff put on one of the kids. (ewe) I never got it out.

        There is no mess, it gets everything, and best of all it works. Wow–the money we have saved with that stuff is amazing.

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