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Luna’s First Swim 

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In honor of the 4th of July Luna swam with style. What a happy day!

Skeeter Swims Too!

Cliff”s Comment: Getting your Weimaraner to swim requires a little knack; however it is more than doable. It doesn’t matter if they hate the bath water, the sprinkler, or rain. They can swim–their toes are webbed. Achieving the water retrieve is based in ingraining the love of the retrieve into the young pup. I cannot emphasize how important this is to achieve. The Weimaraner that will not retrieve is missing out, and you probably do not have good compliance. 

Swimming is an excellent way to burn off excess energy. It is better on the hips and at the same builds their cardiovascular. The younger dog with open growth plates is served well by gaining a big portion of their exercise in the water rather than by hitting the pavement. Beyond the health benefits, this fun activity. 

Believe it is possible. Be patient and persistent. Use the right kind fo water setting. The ocean is not a good location, nor is a fast moving stream. A better choice, is a reservoir, lake, or pond. A sloping bank also works to your advantage. Try not to rush the process, or to get discouraged. With patience, you and your Weimaraner can achieve the swim. 

PS: The above Luna is not the same pup, nor is she related to Luna (Diamond Lake on the 4th) featured yesterday

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  1. Bravo Skeeter and Luna! We tried it some days ago… I spend 87 hours in the icy cold ocean and Easy ignored me completely… but nevertheless he is still my best friend :o)

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