Bella the Beautiful

How do I to Raise a Therapy Dog

~Darcy speaks with Jan about how to succeed…

Dear Jan, We just purchased a puppy from Cliff and Shela and I am interested in having our puppy become a therapy dog.  Would you mind sharing some information and advice with me?

Enroll her in a good puppy kindergarten class immediately, and then continue on with basic obedience and good manners classes after that.  Take her everywhere you can and expose her to everything you (safely) can- socialize, socialize, socialize!  Train every day, make it fun.  Get her around all kinds of different people, places, sights, smells, environments…you get the idea.  This is the most important period of her life and putting the right things in place now will pay dividends the rest of her life.  Relax and have fun with her, she will mirror your energy and learn that life is fun and positive.  Best- Jan~

Bella went to the vet yesterday and practically slept through the whole visit; not a worry in the world.  She is otherwise full of energy and wonderment.  Everything needs to be explored.

Breeder’s Comment: You can get a hundred touches and still be safe. Take her lower-risk places. Stay out of the pet-frequented areas like dog parks, pet potty areas. Wipe her feet off if you are worried. Visit people with fenced yards, and have people come to your home. Teach her stand on a short table and to get petted all over by visitors–have them stroke her face, touch her feet, pet her back and tummy. Be sure to include touching the tail. What the Weimaraner learns to love will be forever.

Keep up other things while you do this. ingrain the love of the retrieve. Cliff suggests five or six throws of a bumper down the hallway where they cannot abscond with the toy or bumper. Make it a nightly event. Set the special toy or bumper up, and quit while it is still fun. What the learn to love will be important. The retrieve is very important even for the non-hunting Weimaraner. Include the swimming pool, and water. The more things she accepts and experiences the closer you will be to raising the well-balanced adult Weimaraner. The work should be fun, but it will take dedication to achieve the Therapy Dog Certification. 

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